Yoga and the Sacred Feminine: Cultivating Balance through Practice
When yoga blends with the concept of the sacred feminine, a powerful synergy emerges. Discover how this combination can bring nourishing balance to all dimensions of a woman's life.
Aerial Yoga
Aerial yoga is inspired by Hatha yoga, Pilates and… the circus! Both fun and relaxing, aerial yoga reconnects us to the sensations of the fetus in the mother's womb. Discover this unique type of yoga. Come on, click and fly!
The 19 Most Difficult Yoga Poses (Part II)
We continue in the series of difficult yoga postures, each more impressive than the last. Even if you feel light years away from these physical feats, it is interesting to discover behind the scenes.
The 19 Most Difficult Yoga Poses (Part I)
Often criticized “because it looks like acrobatics,” the most difficult yoga postures reflect our own limitations. Let's activate our curiosity and overcome our prejudices to discover the richness of these postures!
Yoga Sivananda
Developed in the 1960s, Sivananda Yoga is based on five fundamental pillars and each session is structured around 12 asanas. Very codified, Yoga Sivananda is of intermediate intensity but full of benefits for those who know how to benefit from it. Find out more!
10 Yoga Postures for Deep Relaxation

Certain yoga postures bring almost instant relaxation: have you ever noticed that? Here is the non-exhaustive list of 10 yoga postures that are deeply relaxing and which also work the body, casually.

Prenatal Yoga
An excellent tool for preparing for childbirth, Prenatal Yoga is a very gentle form of Hatha Yoga where the postures evolve throughout the pregnancy. Everything is done gently to prepare Mom to welcome Baby as peacefully as possible.
Anusara Yoga

A very recent form of yoga, it is very likely that you have never heard of it. Anusara yoga can be reminiscent of a mixture of Vinyasa yoga and Jivamukti yoga, to which are added meditation and mantra chanting.

Yoga: 10 Tips to Avoid Getting Injured
That only happens to other people ! And yes, even if yoga may seem very gentle at first glance (some even say: it's not a sport!), it happens that we get injured. Discover here 10 tips for safe yoga sessions!