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Prenatal Yoga

A wonderful tool for preparing yourself for childbirth, Prenatal Yoga is a very gentle form of Hatha Yoga where the postures evolve throughout the pregnancy.

No strain on the abdominal strap or uncomfortable twisting but rather a focus of the exercises on deep breathing and strengthening the pelvic floor.

pregnant woman in child's pose

Having already practiced yoga is not a prerequisite; all women who have just heard the good news can try it to get a head start on the little ailments of pregnancy.

The ultimate goal is to connect with the baby growing in utero and to relax deeply to live these next 9 months in the most fulfilled and comfortable way possible.

pregnant woman in half-bridge posture

Texts / reference person: A pioneer of prenatal yoga in France, Berbadette de Gasquet discovered the discipline at the age of 24, for which she instantly became passionate. She decided to follow training and it was her experience as both a yoga teacher and a mother that intuitively led her to create a method adapted to yoga for pregnant women. The exercises, however, go against the positions and breathing practiced in maternity wards in the 1980s. To be credible and get her message across, she decided to start studying medicine at the age of 38, when she was a mother. of 3 children. She obtained her diploma 8 years later and subsequently published several works including Abdominals, Stop the Massacre. She has since been recognized in France as the specialist in the female perineum. Thank you Bernadette!

Intensity: Prenatal Yoga is a gentle yoga that respects the changing body of the pregnant woman. Avoid, however, if you have a lot of contractions or if you are bedridden, always remember to seek the advice of your doctor before starting a sporting activity.

pregnant woman in butterfly yoga pose

In summary: Calm, relaxation, strengthening, preparation for change, welcome

Equipment: Once your pregnant belly can no longer be hidden, it will be time to adopt suitable leggings or yoga pants. Opt for a mat that is comfortable for your back.

For who ? : For all pregnant women who wish to have a peaceful pregnancy and possibly prepare for a natural birth. Prenatal yoga will be a valuable aid in relieving the famous back pain and possible gastric reflux.

pregnant woman in tree yoga pose

Video: Relax with this Prenatal Yoga session for the 3rd trimester with Dr Bernadette de Gasquet and Lucile Woodward

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