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Dervish Yoga or Yoga of Samara

Dervish yoga or gestural euphony of Samadeva is the fruit of 25 years of exploration of Eastern psycho-corporeal techniques (dance of the whirling dervishes of Rumi, Yoga, Zen, Tai Chi Chuan, Qi Gong) and Western (relaxation, stretching, eurythmy) inherited in part from the disappeared civilization of Samara.

Its precious knowledge was preserved in part by the Hakim dervishes of Kâfiristân.

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Accompanied by music specially designed for this purpose, a Dervish yoga session resembles a very slow dance, mixing stretching exercises called major Arkana, coordination and synchronization exercises, meditative movements without forgetting breathing.

Dervish Yoga is a formidable anti-stress method when you make the effort to surrender to it.

It is considered by the dervishes themselves (a Sufi ascetic) as the secret of eternal youth.

The major Arkana, fundamental exercises of Samara Yoga, are 7 in number: 1) the springing fountain, 2) the reed in the wind, 3) the pool dance, 4) the sun salutation, 5) the stretching of the the joy of living 6) the sparks of fire, 7) the dance of the planets.

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Incorporated into a daily relaxation routine, these simple and slow movements will quickly take effect to bring you calm and serenity.

Two other characteristic exercises of Dervish Yoga are the representation of the letters of the alphabet in space with here the example of the letter “E” and the dance of the Nymphs .

Texts / reference person: It was Idris Lahore's numerous travels around the world in search of the teachings of the Masters of Samara that allowed Ennéa Tess Griffith to transform their heritage into a coherent and structured method. Together, they co-authored the reference work “Dervish Yoga for Health and Longevity: Samadeva Gestual Euphony” first published in 2007. Idris Lahore and Ennéa Tess Griffith are two of the seven founding members of the Free University of Samadeva which offers numerous personal development and yoga teacher training courses. Its campus is located in Alsace.

Intensity: Dervish Yoga is a gentle yoga. The difficulty lies in the sequence of all the gestures that must be memorized to be in synchronization with the rest of the group.

In summary: coordination, calm, transformation, gestural euphony

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Equipment: Dervish Yoga students wear white outfits because this color is symbolic, harmonious and neutral, reinforcing the structuring effect of the method. You will also need a comfortable mat and a zafu.

For who ? : For all those looking for a gentle practice of Yoga helping to better circulate vital energy.

Video: Learn the seven major Arkana with Aurélie Havard in this video. The word Arkana comes from Persian and means process of the secret of transformation.

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