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Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga is inspired by Hatha yoga, Pilates and… the circus!

The session begins with a few warm-ups on the mat then heads to the hammock, suspended about one meter from the ground.

We then follow a series of postures in the air, including some inversions, defying gravity.

It will take a little time at first to get used to the new sensations and the rush of blood to the head.

Then return to the ground to end in style with a moment of meditation.

As you progress, you will be able to perform increasingly complex, even acrobatic, postures!

Both fun and relaxing, aerial yoga reconnects us to the sensations of the fetus in the mother's womb.

But above all, it teaches us to let go! Fly Yoga and AntiGravity are two types of aerial yoga whose brand names have been registered.

aerial yoga class

Texts / reference person: A choreographer, dancer and fitness instructor, Christopher Harrison signed a partnership in 1991 between Club Med and its acrobat troupe called “AntiGravity”.

During a retreat at Club Med, he and his troupe discovered a room where hammocks were hung.

Neither one nor two, they test a few movements and remaining upside down for a few moments, quickly realize the very pleasant sensations that this position provides.

Upon returning to New York, Christopher installed hammocks in his dance studio and these were regularly used during warm-ups.

He then officially developed his “AntiGravity Aerial Yoga” method. Meanwhile in France, Florie Ravinet, then a child, plays in the trees and hangs from her trapeze.

As an adult, she left her job at La Défense in Paris following the death of her maternal grandmother and decided to change her life.

She went on a trip to India, trained in Ashtanga yoga and Hatha Yoga.

the fly yoga method

Upon her return to France in 2008, she surrounded herself with physiotherapists and osteopaths to create Fly Yoga, the only aerial yoga method validated by health professionals.

Intensity: Moderately intense, you will however have to learn to trust your hammock and push away the fear of falling.

In summary: Cocooning, acrobatics, joy, magic, letting go

Equipment: Comfortable yoga clothing that covers all limbs well to avoid injury, a mat and above all a silk hammock, often provided by the studio.

young woman practicing aerial yoga

For who ? : Aerial yoga is yoga for all audiences. It is particularly beneficial to people suffering from lower back pain or joint pain. And if you want to introduce your children to the discipline, it will be difficult to find more attractive than a little yoga session in the air.

Video: Fly away with Maëlle for 25 minutes of aerial yoga , certainly the most fun way to approach yoga!


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