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Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga is a variation of Hatha Yoga that emphasizes harmony between body, soul and spirit.

Kripalu means “to be compassionate” and it is precisely this attitude of kindness that is practiced on the mat but also in everyday life, an invitation to manifest what is most beautiful inside of us . Some people call Yoga Kripalu the yoga of consciousness.

A holistic approach, this form of yoga is a mixture of traditional postures, knowledge and application of the 8 foundations of yoga in daily life, conscious meditation and breathing.

woman in wild creature yoga pose

The beauty of Kripalu Yoga certainly lies in the fact that each teacher and practitioner can personalize their session according to who he or she is today.

A very particular aspect of Kripalu Yoga distinguishes it from all other forms of yoga, it is its interesting evolution since its creation in the 1950s.

woman in relaxation posture

The founding father's ashram hosts a medical research center which provides Yoga Kripalu with the latest scientific discoveries.

Gradually, this knowledge, particularly anatomical knowledge, is integrated to make it a safe yoga practice, without the risk of injury.

Texts / reference person: Amrit Desai, also called Gurudev, created Kripalu Yoga in the 1950s following a long apprenticeship with his spiritual master Swami Sri Kripalvananda. The latter practiced Kundalini Yoga up to 10 hours a day and considered this type of yoga unsuitable for people who lead a busy daily life, between family life and work. This is why he sent his disciple into the world with the aim of transmitting the teaching of Yoga Kripalu. Gurudev settled in the United States in Massachusetts and a majority of the teachers trained in this method today are by default English-speaking. No referring text has been translated, which explains why you won't see an abundance of Kripalu yoga classes on offer in France, but who knows? In a few years, he may have crossed the Atlantic.

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Intensity: Each teacher chooses the aspects of Kripalu Yoga that appeal to them the most during their training, each class is unique. You can find gentle, moderate and even more intense variants of Kripalu Yoga, it's up to you to choose your preference!

In summary: gratitude, positivism, pacifism, self-realization

Equipment: A yoga mat and comfortable clothing!

woman in upward facing dog pose

For who ? : For all those who wish to closely link their personal development to their yoga practice.

Video: Here are two Kripalu yoga sessions to introduce you to this type of yoga, the first is a gentle session and the second is an intermediate level session . For the reasons mentioned above, it is impossible to find a video in French!


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