Géopélie was born from a 3-year stay in Vancouver, Canada and hundreds of hours thinking about the hidden meaning of life. A trip and questions that turned everything upside down, or almost. My references, my values ​​and my points of view changed 180 degrees. When coming back to France I brought back a conviction in my suitcases. That of making my inner peace and my health a priority by incorporating selfcare, yoga and fitness into my daily routine, even for just a few minutes.

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portrait de Delphine fondatrice de Géopélie
enfant qui fait du yoga

Two confinements and a curfew later, everything fits together. With the encouragement of my better half, a specialist in constructive criticism, planning and budgeting, and my son, who already shows a predisposition for downward facing dog, I plunged into the adventure.

With Géopélie, I want to place women at the centerstage of all our concerns. That of offering you our vibrant creations made to last, without compromising on comfort, design and ethics. That of reducing our impact on the environment as much as possible. But also that of inspiring you every day to cultivate your wellbeing, without limits.

📷 @bubblydeer.studio

yogi dans la posture de la bête sauvage
machine à coudre juki

All this would not have been possible without the right partners. At the genesis of the project is Pascal, a specialist in textile engineering with 30 years experience and rebellious defender of the French textile industry. His knowledge of the industry is extremely valuable in partnering with the right knitters, dyers and manufacturers in France, with the sincere desire to help revitalize the sector.

And then there is Svend, a great admirer of Arnold Schwarzenegger and specialist in sustainable development, met unexpectedly in Vancouver. He shares with us his expertise in carbon footprints and life cycle analyses. Because it is by concretely measuring our impact that we can be credible and commit to always doing better than yesterday.

What does the word “géopélie” mean and why did I chose it? This is quite simply the name given to the smallest dove, an animal symbol of peace and love. The géopélie will be the totem of the brand, playing the role of a protective animal for you.