Our sustainable fabrics

At Géopélie, eco-designing the clothes of each collection is at the very heart of our concerns. We want to be able to offer you the most comfortable and beautiful clothes, while respecting the Planet. The environmental impact of fabric manufacturing in the life cycle of a garment is significant, which is why we exclusively source recycled yarns, to avoid further depleting natural resources. The compositions of the fabrics we use range from 72% to 100% recycled yarns.

The Recover® Yarn

For our t-shirts and sweatshirts, we use a blend of Recover® recycled polyester and recycled cotton yarns spun in Spain in Banyeres de Mariola by the company Hilaturas Ferre. Recover® yarns are made from textile waste and plastic bottles. In 2019, Recover® recycled more than 2.7 million kg of textile waste and 8.7 million plastic bottles. The manufacturing process of recycled yarn uses no water, no dyes, no chemicals, no pesticides or fertilizers and emits almost no C02.

fil recyclé recover
fil recyclé newlife

The Newlife® Yarn

For our leggings and sports bra, we use Newlife® recycled polyester yarn made from plastic bottle waste collected in Turin, Italy. Newlife® recycled yarns enable the spinning mill to reduce its energy consumption by 60% and water consumption by 94%, compared to the production of virgin polyester yarn.

The GRS Certification

RECOVER® and NEWLIFE® yarns are both GRS certified which stands for Global Recycled Standard. This label ensures that the materials used in the production of textiles are indeed recycled. To be labeled “GRS”, a garment must contain at least 50% recycled yarn. The waste used in the composition of the final product is scrutinized and the percentage of post-consumer or pre-consumer waste must be indicated. The label also has environmental, social and health requirements.

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