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Yin Yoga for Deep Stretch and Relaxation

Today we're reviewing Yin Yoga!

Unlike more dynamic yogas ("yang", movement, masculine energy), Yin yoga ("yin", immobility, feminine energy) is a very gentle form of the discipline not without presenting its own little side. challenges...for the body and perhaps even more for the mind.

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In Yin yoga, we work ultra-slowly on certain key parts of the body, with postures on the ground in immobility that we hold for 3 to 5 minutes.

With their meditative approach, the postures practiced in Yin yoga are not intended for muscle strengthening but rather for letting go and accepting small areas of discomfort.

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You will not necessarily get through it without aches because while failing to work the muscles, Yin yoga strengthens the deep tissues which are the joints, tendons and ligaments.

Texts / reference person : Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, Yin yoga was created by martial art master and Taoist yoga teacher Paulie Zink in the late 1970s. Two of his students, Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers popularized Yin yoga in America in the North and in Europe.

Intensity : This type of yoga can be a real challenge for people who live at 100 miles per hour or who have a wandering mind. No need to hurt yourself, start first with Vinyasa yoga to soothe yourself and then taste the pleasures of Yin yoga.

In summary : slowness, deepening, letting go, meditation

Equipment : a comfortable mat, a blanket to cover yourself and avoid feeling cold while still, a bolster (also called a bolster) and yoga blocks to facilitate certain postures.

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For who ? : This type of yoga is perfect for people who need to slow down, who feel too tired to practice more dynamic yoga, or who are going through the postpartum period and want to re-tame their body. Yin yoga is a very good complement to Vinyasa or Ashtanga yoga. Yin Yoga is easily practiced at home in a quiet place. It is ideal for the fall and winter seasons.

Video : Recharge your batteries with this beautiful Yin Yoga session guided by Emmanuelle from YamYoga .

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