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Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga for Strength and Flexibility

Today, we are reviewing Vinyasa Yoga!

It is a more creative yoga style and slightly less physical than Ashtanga Yoga, where the teacher can let their imagination run wild to create a smooth sequence of postures, sometimes compared to a choreography.

Often, a theme oversees the entirety of the postures, such as the opening of the heart chakra.

young woman in side plank pose

The sequences of postures are interspersed with a “Vinyasa” a mini sequence always composed of a plank, a yogic pump, upward facing dog (or cobras) and downward facing dog.

This small insertion resets the body's sensations to zero, before the next sequence.

young woman performing vinyasa

Texts / reference person: there are as many versions of Vinyasa yoga as there are teachers. This type of yoga has no clear origin or established founding father other than that it is a free style version of Ashtanga yoga. In France, the reference in Vinyasa yoga is Gérard Arnaud and his work of the same name.

Intensity: Also called Yoga Flow, Vinyasa is a rather dynamic practice that tones and lengthens the muscles throughout the body.

young woman in upward facing dog

Equipment: clothes that dry quickly and a non-slip mat!

For who ? For all yogis who get tired quickly, who have trouble holding still (the sequences will help them stay focused while relaxing) or who want to shed a few drops of sweat.

young woman in crescent moon pose

In summary : fluidity, movement, creativity, freedom, variety

Video: Discover vinyasa yoga in a Balinese atmosphere with Elodie .

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