Our parnter workshops

Without an inch of a doubt, our clothes are truely made in France. Design, knitting, finishing, manufacturing: everything is made in France with the exception of the yarns which come from Germany, Spain and Italy because there are less and less spinning mills on the French territory. Discover the geography of our supply chain right here.

Made in France

Our Partners

Discover the geography of our supply chain.


Our clothes are designed in our offices in Nantes. Next comes our development office in Cholet which develops the prototypes, patterns and grading so that everything is ready before the launch of the production. As for our one of a kind prints, we look for beautiful designs in image banks which we completely redesign, recolor and retouch.

dessin motifs
machine à tricoter maille jersey


Our recycled yarns are knitted into jersey knit by our two partner factories located respectively in Lyon and St-Etienne.


The jersey fabric is then dyed (solid color) by our partner in Lyon or printed with our vibrant designs in our partner factory located in the Vosges.

impression numérique sur tissu
machine à coudre atelier de confection


We work with different workshops, depending on the expertise of our ateliers. Our t-shirts, sweatshirts and pyjamas are made in our partner workshop in Strasbourg, our leggings and sports bras are made near Lyon by a sportswear specialist.

Mindful & Local Shopping

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