Caring for Your Géopélie Clothes

Your Géopélie clothes have been crafted from high-quality recycled jersey knits. With feminine but robust finishing touches, they have been designed to last. However, did you know that in the life cycle of a garment, it is the maintenance (washing, drying, ...) that weighs the most with 50% of the environmental impact*? Discover without further ado our advice to give your loungewear extra love and make it last a long time.
*Source: 2019 report from ADEME (Ecological Transition Agency)

Care instructions

Remember to wash your Géopélie clothes inside out (to protect the colours) on cold or delicate wash at 30°C maximum, with similar colors. Spin at 800 rpm maximum. Do not tumble dry but air dry on a hanger. Do not iron our bras and leggings (they would melt). If necessary, iron your Géopélie t-shirts and sweaters on the reverse side at a low temperature, 110°C maximum.

To minimize your environmental impact by using Géopélie clothing, wash your clothes only when they really need it.

machine à laver dans buanderie
corbeille de raccommodage


Our clothes have been designed to withstand the wear and tear of time. If, however, your Géopélie clothes show signs of wear, it is high time to get your sewing machine and sewing box out of your closet. Sewing is not your cup of tea? Consider taking your clothes to a professional for mending.

Second life

There are a thousand and one reasons why you might want to part with your Géopélie clothing. Consider giving them a second chance! If they are still in good condition, you could give them to a friend or sell them on a platform specializing in second-hand clothing. If they are damaged, you can drop them off at a collect station created for this very purpose.

pile de vêtements sur une chaise

To choose the right size for your Géopélie leisurewear clothing, consult our size guide .

jeune femme dans la posture de yoga du guerrier jeune femme dans la posture de yoga du guerrier