Feng Shui Principles for a Balanced Bedroom
Adopting the principles of Feng Shui in your bedroom can transform this space into an oasis of serenity, promoting harmony, well-being and restful sleep.
The 12 Pillars of Health
According to the WHO, Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Discover the 12 pillars of health for a longer and more meaningful life!
Well-being Rituals with the Moon

The Moon can serve as our spiritual guide and its energy can help us with our personal development. Creating your own Moon rituals means taking time for yourself and taking stock, relaxing and freeing yourself from your emotions.

Learning the Art to Unwind and to Relax, for Real
What if we stopped living like automatons? New technologies and the hectic pace of our lives force us to be available everywhere and all the time. We are here and elsewhere, we are today and tomorrow, we are alone and with lots of people.
7 Tips for a More Minimalist Lifestyle
Learning to live with fewer material possessions and appreciating what you already have is one way to lead a more minimalist and less stressful life. Discover here 7 concrete tips to make the minimalist philosophy your own and cook it your way.
Aparigraha: 3 ways to practice non-possession for a great inner cleaning
In Hinduism, cleaning up around oneself and within oneself means applying the principle of aparigraha. A non-attachment that invites happy sobriety.
28 Tips for a Better and Sounder Sleep
This is a slightly more personal article than the others. I'm picking up my pen to talk to you about a subject that's not very funny and which hit me hard when I started to enter working life. I had...
Soft Winter Ayurvedic Routine
To slow down. This is what the winter season invites us to do, in every possible way. It becomes fundamental to return to the essentials to conserve your vital energy. Go into cocooning mode!
Gentle Ayurvedic Autumn Routine
Transition smoothly into autumn with our little Ayurvedic guide. A clever mix of common sense and nuggets, drawn from traditional Indian medicine.