Les Principes Feng Shui pour une Chambre à Coucher Équilibrée

Feng Shui Principles for a Balanced Bedroom

Sleep well.

The ultimate luxury by my own standards.

Along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, sleep is the 3rd basic pillar to being healthy and full of vitality.

Have you noticed that you are sensitive to the layout of rooms and interiors in general?

Does disorder and chaos cause you stress?

It's normal.

Feng Shui is the art of creating more fluidity in our lives, and in particular optimizing our living space for greater well-being.

What if you allowed chi energy to flow better in your bedroom?

Discover in this post all the Feng Shui tips to create an oasis of serenity and spend (truly) restful nights.

chinese temple

What is Feng Shui ?

Feng Shui is an ancestral philosophy that comes to us from China.

Formalized 3000 years ago during the Tang dynasty, the Feng Shui practice aims to achieve fullness of body and mind by paying particular attention to the layout of our lifestyle and our interiors.

Originally, Feng Shui was used to determine the optimal locations for building homes in places where energy flows were the most harmonious.

The Feng Shui philosophy is based on 3 main principles:

  • The objects around us have their own energy
  • Objects are related to each other and to the whole
  • Everything is in perpetual motion


bedroom with a mirror

Things to avoid for a Feng Shui bedroom

Before going into the details of the perfect Feng Shui bedroom, let's start by listing what should be avoided at all costs to be able to fully benefit from this practice.

  • Mirrors : avoid mirrors that reflect light and disturb rest. Mirrors stimulate Yang energy, which is way too strong for a place that is supposed to be peaceful. This rule is all the more important to take into account if you are in a relationship because the mirror could have a bad influence on your relationship, by its representation of the intrusion of a third person, especially if the bed is reflected in it.
  • Screens : in general, leave televisions, cell phones, tablets and other screens out of the bedroom, which are the source of agitation and light stimulating the mind and the eyes at a time when you are looking for something to do with yourself. calm
  • Clutter : to promote rest, keep a room with few belongings and tidy. The hodgepodge of cables under the bed, the socks from the day before lying around, the open cupboards, so many elements that are the opposite of calm.
  • Work : Remove from your bedroom anything that could remind you of the hustle and stress of work and administrative chores. The bedroom is a sanctuary of rest, create a barrier between it and the outside world by not letting anything through. It will be that much easier for you to cut mentally.
  • All the connotations of violence : pointed or sharp objects, agitated images, garish colors, invasive patterns could be obstacles to relaxation
  • Plants and plants : just like mirrors, they are charged with Yang energy. This represents too much energy and activity for a room dedicated to rest
  • Photos that matter to you : a few personal photos of key events in your life (marriage, birth, vacation) are welcome in your bedroom. But avoid an accumulation of photos of people looking at you, at the risk of feeling observed.
  • Aquatic objects: such as aquariums, fountains, diffusers...and any visual representation of the water element

11 Tips for Arranging Your Bedroom According to the Feng Shui Philosophy

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter!

So what should you do to let the energy circulate in your room and take full advantage of the Feng Shui effect?

bedroom with garden view

1. The bedroom on the Yin side of the house

Generally speaking, we will favor the rooms located at the back of the house when choosing our bedroom.

This is the Yin side of the house, where the garden is often located and where no road passes.

The rooms are ideally located away from noisier and more agitated rooms such as the entrance, kitchen and bathroom.

bedroom with bed between door and window

2. An ideally placed bed

It is the main focus of the room and its positioning is crucial for peaceful nights.

According to Feng Shui philosophy, it should especially not be placed in the axis between the door and windows where energy must be able to circulate freely.

So place it as far away as possible from these openings, without sticking it against a wall or under a window.

Near a door or window, you risk being surprised because of what is happening outside the room.

Likewise, do not place your bed under a beam, crushing and pressure effect guaranteed! You don't want to feel threatened while you sleep!

The headboard is ideally high in firm wood or upholstered and placed against the wall.

During the night, your body produces a lot of energy to regenerate itself.

Unconsciously, your head needs support and protection, hence the importance of a headboard that offers good support.

For the final orientation, opt to sleep with your head to the east or north to rest better.

And for its height, preferably choose a bed at a reasonable height: neither on the ground nor too high.

You should be able to sit on the edge with your feet touching the floor.

For what ? Quite simply to better let the energy circulate in the room when you sleep.

Beds with storage drawers underneath create a blockage, just as mattresses on the floor free up too much space and empty space.

symmetry in the bedroom

3. Freedom, equality, serenity

Strive for equality in the organization of the elements of your room in every possible way.

On each side of the bed, try to keep the same amount of space.

Between the furniture and the bed, leave enough room to move around.

Distribute all the elements well instead of crowding them in one corner.

If you are a couple, choose identical duplicate objects: nightstands, bedside lamps, cushions, etc.

If you are single and would like to attract a traveling companion, make a clear space in your bedroom.

In contrast, remove anything that might refer to past relationships and free up space for that person, even symbolically.

quality mattresses and bedding

4. Quality bedding

A sturdy and comfortable mattress is an investment for life.

Knowing that we spend a little less than half of our lives sleeping, think about the comfort of your back!

Neither too soft nor too hard, the perfect mattress adapts to the shape of your body for nighttime rest.

If you can, opt for a mattress with one side for summer and one side for winter and remember to turn it from time to time to better distribute the points of wear.

a little symmetry in the bedroom

5. Frame your bed well

On either side of the bed, place supportive energies like bedside tables.

To strengthen the unity of your bedroom (and your couple), use objects in identical pairs: nightstands, bedside lamps, valet stands or simply cushions on the bed.

a little symmetry in the bedroom

6. The ideal wall or wallpaper colors

Think of your bedroom as a real cocoon.

A Feng Shui bedroom mainly has light colors on the walls and floor, the furniture is also rather light.

Small touches of bright color can be added here and there, but sparingly. Reserve them preferably for objects and decoration, without excess.

A beautiful coordination of soft, calming colors immediately creates the effect of a welcoming sanctuary.

subdued atmosphere in the bedroom

7. A subdued atmosphere

Harsh light and a lamp placed above the bed are the opposite of Feng Shui philosophy.

When choosing your lighting fixtures, opt for progressive light sources, dimmers, very soft lights with lampshades or why not a light garland.

A small ambiance candle can also be placed on your bedside table, to blow out before you go to sleep of course ;-)

tidy bedroom

8. Furniture and space planning

Round off the corners of the room with a floor lamp, a small piece of furniture or even your meditation cushion.

Angles disrupt the harmony of a room and “cut” the Feng Shui energy.

Select rounded furniture and position it to cover the corners of the room.

Find the right balance between too much and too little: certainly the Feng Shui philosophy favors purity but an empty or spartan room could lack comfort.

superb bedroom

9. Tidy up your room once and for all

Storage is truly magical because it brings comfort and immediate relief.

So that you don't find yourself constantly tidying up, opt for a suitable storage system: a place for everything and everything in its place.

Do not overload your furniture and make sure you can close it with doors or drawers. Shelves have the disadvantage of revealing what they contain at any time.

This criterion is certainly the most important of all to ensure a 100% Feng Shui bedroom.

Stuff lying around, a bulky mess and accumulation of objects will never be able to give you the zen effect you are looking for.

If you are a fan of reading, keep only the book of the moment in your nightstand and store your book collection in the bookcase.

And when you get up in the morning, don't forget to make your bed!

quality mattresses and bedding

10. Natural materials in the spotlight

To make the link between the inside and the outside, between nature and the house, prefer wood for your bed and your furniture.

Cotton, linen or wool household linen offers unparalleled comfort.

Breathable, light and warm, sheets made of natural material will allow energy to pass through more easily.

a little decoration in the bedroom

11. A light touch of decoration

As you have understood, the Feng Shui spirit is the search for perfect balance.

So don't overload your nocturnal sanctuary with decoration, but sprinkle in light touches a few important objects, souvenirs, photo frames or works of art for a completely unique room that suits you.

For paintings, posters or posters, opt for soft scenes, landscapes or nature to promote tranquility.

Dark, violent or disturbing depictions could affect your sleep.

Place them in your line of vision when you're in bed so they're the first thing you see when you wake up.


Rearranging your bedroom may not be enough to get a peaceful night's sleep for some of you.

What if you consulted our 28 tips for sleeping better?

You can also test cardiac coherence and add it to your evening routine for more peace of mind.

Or try walking meditation or a daily yoga practice 😉

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