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Hatha Yoga

It consists of a sequence of postures alternating with deep breathing. The postures are broken down into 4 stages: preparation for the posture, its creation and maintenance and finally its “digestion” during which we observe the sensations in the body.

Texts & reference person : Two reference texts in addition to the Hatha Yoga Pradipika establish the bases of Hatha Yoga: the Gheraṇḍa saṃhitā where thirty-two postures are exhibited and the Śiva Saṃhitā where 4 are exhibited. developed without a true spiritual master and was codified in the 15th century, long after its “creation”.

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Intensity: This type of postural yoga can be quite intense because the postures are held for approximately 1 minute.

Equipment: Make sure to wear soft, elastic clothing that is easy to forget and use a comfortable mat.

For who ? : Probably the most complete form of yoga, it is ideal for starting yoga and having a solid foundation. Hatha Yoga is suitable for all ages and all levels of flexibility.

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In summary : harmony, breathing, relaxation, strength

Video: Go for a Hatha Yoga session in the desert with Elsa or discover a typical session with Geneviève to the sound of a Tibetan bowl

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