Yoga et Épanouissement Sexuel : Transformez Votre Vie Intime

Yoga and Sexual Fulfillment: Transform Your Intimate Life

Women's sexual lives are constantly evolving, from first relationships to the possible arrival of children, sometimes through certain gynecological problems and finally the arrival of menopause.

By keeping a little spice in our lives and maintaining complicity and pleasure with our partner: who doesn't want to improve their sex life?

One of the solutions to take care of your sex life is simply to take up yoga, or if you already practice it, to focus on certain postures which naturally fulfill desire and sex.

Yoga helps to manage emotions, find deep relaxation and reconnect with your body.

It is indirectly the fundamental basis for better sexual pleasure.

Helping to relieve tension and find oneself in the present, yoga allows those who practice it to better experience and appreciate the sexual act.

Yoga also helps maintain the perineum muscle, which is sometimes damaged by bad habits.

In short, there are only advantages!

Discover in this post how yoga can become your best ally for true sexual fulfillment.

group of yogini in relaxation session

Invitation to let go, mental and physical

You may have already caught yourself in the act of making your shopping list or organizing a future event, while you were tenderly ensconced in the arms of your loved one.

A disconnected mind and parasitic thoughts do not help you to live your sex life to the fullest, and even less to derive pleasure from it!

Through postures, breathing exercises and meditative work, yoga allows you to reconnect with yourself and live better in the present.

It's also a way to manage stress, which has no worse enemy than libido!

It’s not just the mind that benefits!

Your body also gains flexibility and tone, and you naturally feel more desirable.

By finding more freedom of mind and bodily ease thanks to yoga, you may well reconnect with your intimacy!

According to a study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine (Nov. 12, 2009), 75% of respondents felt a marked improvement in their sexuality in terms of desire, arousal and lubrication after just 12 weeks. of yoga practice for one hour per day.

young woman in yoga balance pose

Connect to sexual energy

You have certainly already heard of Kundalini, this energy which is none other than our refined sexual energy, that is to say fully awakened.

Sexual energy is a highly creative energy: it is life force, self-love, love of others, self-esteem and respect but also the capacity to give and receive.

When we are cut off from our sexual energy, we are cut off from our essence.

It's simply being cut off from life.

What a pity !

Because everything is linked: when the flow of sexual energy is cut off, very often those of life, of the joy of living, of prosperity, of strength are also cut off.

In Hindu culture, the transcendent force is represented by Shiva.

Shiva, consciousness, is the male principle of which the penis is the energetic symbol which rises through the chakras.

Shakti is, in contrast, the feminine principle, penetrated by Shiva at the source, the perineum, or base chakra.

Kundalini energy thus rises from the base chakra through all the other chakras.

The meeting of the two masculine and feminine principles merge to generate the breath, Svâra.

By practicing yoga regularly, you circulate your Kundalini energy, itself nourished by the energy of the air, Prana.

By being reactivated, sexual energy removes energy blockages, re-harmonizes the body and increases subtle vitality called Ojas in Sanskrit, to keep us in good health!

yogini in plank pose

Gentle care of the pelvic region

No one teaches women from a young age to take care of their perineum, a key muscle in the architecture of the body which alone supports all the organs of respiration, digestion and the genitals.

Many of us have by force adopted (very) bad habits, which, by dint of being repeated, irrevocably damage the matrix.

To maintain the perineum, nothing better than yoga which is a gentle and smooth practice, perfect for this muscle on which so much weight already rests.

A toned perineum of course allows you to have more pleasure and better lubricate the vaginal area.

Many LINK postures allow you to strengthen the muscles of the perineum (the vagina, bladder and anus) while becoming better aware of this part of the body.

The icing on the cake: yoga postures provide access to more flexibility, a quality necessary for a more mobile pelvis, more fluid penetration and longer endurance.

Certain yoga postures may even inspire or motivate you to try new postures.

young woman in oyster yoga pose

Activate your perineum with mula bandha

The vital energy we have talked about circulates freely in the body thanks to 5 main channels called “vayus”.

Bandhas allow you to “fix” prana energy in the 3 main areas of tension in the body.

The first, jalandhara bandha (throat) allows you to channel the breath and work on breathing.

The second uddiyana bandha (abdomen), stimulates digestion and blood circulation when activated.

And finally the third mula bandha (pelvic floor) helps improve sexual fulfillment.

To activate it, sit on the floor with your legs crossed and contract the pelvic muscle following the rhythm of your breathing.

You can repeat this exercise for around twenty breaths.

Postures such as chair, cat or point are beneficial for a muscular and toned perineum.

two women in vinyasa flow

In-depth work on breathing

Breathing is one of the major elements that differentiates yoga from gym or fitness.

Each posture is accompanied by conscious, deep breathing.

By practicing yoga regularly, you will learn to better control your breathing, to re-familiarize abdominal and deep breathing, much better than superficial nasal breathing.

This work indirectly benefits your sexual development: good breathing brings relaxation and relaxation, it helps you concentrate better and last longer.

And a state of fullness is always more conducive to self-abandonment.

young woman in twisting yoga posture

A psychological approach

The practice of yoga teaches us to take a new look at our body, filled with compassion.

Have you already noticed it?

Each posture is performed with what the body is capable of doing at that moment, without forcing, without judging, without expecting anything.

This approach devoid of any judgment gives you the keys to better appreciate your body and accept it as it is, without wanting to change anything.

By loving and respecting your body better, it is easier to offer it to your partner.

Likewise, when you access more difficult postures after several years of practice, your inner strength and self-confidence are increased tenfold.

Nothing like it to achieve a love life without taboos, without blockages.

young woman in yoga outfit

Open your heart for a beautiful journey

For each sexual encounter to be a beautiful journey, we must open our heart and our field of consciousness: the other is more than a physical body!

Prepare your interior and exterior environment thanks to yoga and its philosophy.

The Yama and Niyama principles represent the 10 yogic commandments: the yamas are a list of social rules, the Niyama are rules to apply towards oneself.

By applying the yogic principles of respect for oneself and others, we learn to consider our partner as ourselves: a person embodied with consciousness, beauty, spirituality.

Take time and enjoy making the act of love an activity that “seals” your relationship with your significant other.

young woman in yoga outfit relaxation

Introduction to tantric massage

Spending a moment together outside of time, to rediscover your body: this is what tantric massage offers.

It's a way to spice up your sexuality, to rediscover your partner through an unparalleled sensory journey.

Tantric massage does not inevitably invite an imminent sexual relationship.

The massage itself is done using slow and gentle gestures, practiced in an environment that invites relaxation: subdued lighting, smells of essential oils, calm music.

Every area of ​​the body is stimulated, even the so-called “erogenous” zones.

The mutual awakening of body and mind allows us to find ourselves in a more fulfilled sexuality.


Yoga offers much more than just improving physical flexibility and mental tranquility.

By integrating regular yoga practices, one can see significant benefits on sexual fulfillment, thereby strengthening overall well-being and quality of life.

Yoga helps develop patience and presence, two qualities that enrich the sexual experience by allowing you to savor each moment and create an authentic connection with your partner.

By integrating yoga into your daily routine, everyone can not only improve their physical and mental health, but also flourish sexually, thus contributing to a more balanced and harmonious life.

Adopting yoga is offering yourself a path to overall well-being, where sexual fulfillment is just one of the many rewards on the path to personal transformation. Namaste.

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