Le Yoga Sivananda

Yoga Sivananda

Developed in the 1960s, Sivananda Yoga is based on five fundamental pillars.

The first is “right exercise” which improves the flexibility of muscles, joints and spine, maintaining the youthfulness of the body.

Second comes “right breathing” which connects our body to the solar plexus and increases our consciousness.

Third is “right relaxation” which frees the body from stress while creating resilience in the face of negativity.

Then comes “the right way to eat”, Yoga Sivananda being the only variation of Yoga to explicitly propose a vegetarian diet.

The fifth and final pillar is “positive thinking”, which helps to develop mental control and therefore inner peace.

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A Sivananda Yoga session is structured around 12 “basic” asanas, performed in the following order: 1) the pose on the head, 2) the candle, 3) the plow, 4) the fish, 5) the forward pincer, 6) cobra, 7) grasshopper, 8) bow, 9) seated half twist, 10) crow, 11) standing pincer and 12) triangle.

At the start of the session there is a breathing exercise followed by a warm-up and a sun salutation and the closing is done in savasana.

Once the 12 basic postures are mastered, the teacher can add variations to take the practice further.

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Texts / reference person: The spiritual master Vishnudevananda systematized the Sivananda method according to the teachings received by his eponymous master. It is one of the first to have set up training programs for yoga teachers, numbering 45,000 graduates since their inauguration in 1969. Its motto is summarized as follows: “Health is wealth, peace of mind. mental is happiness, Yoga shows the way. Swami Vishnudevananda is also known for carrying out high-profile “peace flights” over conflict zones, including the Berlin Wall. He inherited the nickname “Flying Swami”.

Intensity: The 12 basic asanas all present a certain degree of difficulty which will be overcome by diligent practice. Sivananda Yoga is considered a Yoga of intermediate difficulty.

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In summary: positive thinking, breathing, codified sequence, relaxation

Equipment: To practice Sivananda Yoga, classic yoga equipment is sufficient; comfortable clothes and mat.

For who ? : For all those who like to practice yoga in a well-defined framework, the Yoga Sivananda sessions being strictly codified.

Video: Go into total immersion with this typical Sivananda Yoga session offered by the Gurgaon Yoga center in India, the authenticity of which you will appreciate.

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