Le Yoga Kundalini

Kundalini Yoga

Before being a type of yoga, kundalini designates the primordial energy which circulates along the spine, from the sacrum to the top of the skull.

During a Kundalini yoga session, we take the time to awaken our consciousness by learning to master this energy through the recitation of mantras, the practice of breathing exercises, mudras and the performance of asanas. . It is a somewhat confidential yoga, more focused on spirituality.

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Texts / reference person: Passed down from master to disciple for centuries, Kundalini yoga remained the prerogative of an elite until its revelation to the light of day by Yogi Bhajan in the 1970s, earning him exclusion from his community. The French Federation of Kundalini Yoga has made available a selection of books in French to deepen your practice .

Intensity: probably the most spiritually intense form of yoga. In Indian tradition, Kundalini yoga is said to be a powerful practice for ending the cycle of reincarnation.

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In summary: spiritual awakening, power, upheaval, transformation

Equipment: Kundalini yoga is traditionally practiced in white clothing from head to toe. White or the sum of all colors would strengthen the magnetic field during practice. Some teachers and students cover their heads with a turban to control the 6th chakra Ajna. Covering the head would provide a feeling of clarity of mind and concentration, prerequisites for the practice of the discipline.

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For who ? : More confidential than any other type of yoga, it is not for everyone! The most powerful form of yoga but also the most “dangerous” according to Sadhguru, it should not be practiced without the prior guidance of an expert. The practice of Kundalini yoga in its purest form requires the discipline of an ascetic life, far removed from our busy daily lives where it is already very difficult to balance work, family and leisure. It's up to us to find a way to slowly raise Kundalini energy, at the risk of shattering our existence.

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Video: experience Kundalini yoga with Sandrine InSoha for around twenty minutes, a gentle session to deeply relax.

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