Yoga Postures That Open the Heart

The postures of opening the heart stretch our rib cages, thus exposing our vital organ. But much more than a simple stretching, it is towards the exercise of introspection that they seem to guide us.

Calm your Mind Through Breathing
“When the breath wanders, the mind is agitated. But when the breathing stops, the mind does the same”. Breathing to relax can be learned! Discover cardiac coherence with us!
Meditative Walking, Antidote to Ruminations
“Walking prevents thoughts from freezing: when I walk straight, my mind stops going in circles…”. What if we learned walking meditation to stop ruminating on our negative thoughts?
Geography of Our Supply Chain
Are Géopélie products manufactured  in France? We answer this question with a big YES, and we are proud to realize more than 75% of the manufacturing process on French soil.
What does the term “Made in France” mean?
To specify the French origin of their products, companies can choose from different markings. Find out what the made in France label implies and does not imply.
The Beautiful Story of the Sun Salutation
As the spring equinox approaches, some yogis prepare to celebrate the change of season with a series of 108 sun salutations. Are you ready to do the asana for them?
Tree pose: Mythology and Benefits

What mysterious story lies behind this posture which reproduces the graceful and stable appearance of a tree? Discover the mythology of the tree posture and its beautiful symbolism.

How to Practice Yoga Everyday?

What if you decided to make yoga a daily practice? A bit like brushing your teeth, but much more relaxing. Follow our guide to create your yoga ritual that will transform you from head to toe.

The 5 different categories of yoga postures

There are 5 families of yoga postures: forward and backward stretches, twists, inversions and balances. (Re)discover what their benefits are and the ideal time to practice them.