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Get Rid of Your False Beliefs

This article is additional information regarding the personal development exercise proposed for the month of March (Cleansing – I get rid of my false beliefs) in our positive affirmations card game .


" We are what we think

With our thoughts we build the world. »


Ah the thoughts!

These “I’m worthless anyway”, “I’ll never succeed”, “it’s useless”… that we carry around with us and which end up sounding like an old broken record…

In the spring, some do a big clean and sort the cupboards with a stern hand, fighting against the accumulation of a pile of invasive things.

What if we did the same, but with all the stupid things that we ended up believing hard but which prevent us from moving forward and dreaming?

So there you have it, it's time to take a large garbage bag (minimum 50 liters), waterproof, thick and opaque, and throw in everything that looks like:

  • I bother people when I ask for help or advice
  • I will never know how to speak in public
  • I've always been bad at math
  • I don't deserve a pay raise
  • What I have to say is not interesting
  • I never manage to finish what I start
  • I'm ugly

Okay, but before saying goodbye to them, we're still going to take a minute, here and now, to understand where they come from, these more than false beliefs.

Just to avoid falling into the trap and to recreate new ones as we get rid of the others. Do you see the disaster in perspective?

We distinguish two main origins of our false beliefs: those that we draw in conclusion from experiences that have marked us in an occasional or repetitive way - a loved one who never has time to devote to us and which we translate as "from anyway, I don’t interest anyone”, or those inherited from our cultures, our families, our environment – ​​“women should not make noise when they sneeze”. Yes, yes, we heard that one…

 Limiting beliefs can be associated with:

  • a feeling of despair, when we have the feeling that everything is escaping us and that we are suffering from events
  • a feeling of helplessness, when we doubt our ability to succeed in a project
  • the lack of value and the feeling of inferiority that makes us convince ourselves that there is something wrong with the way we are

However, one thing common to all limiting beliefs: a strong tendency to ruin our lives, professionally or personally, to shatter our dreams and slow us down in our momentum to create.

Our imagination can make us live in a hell of a parallel world if we let it do anything.

The good news in all this is that our brain does not know the difference between thought, virtual and reality.

Need proof?

We've all put our hands over our eyes during a scary scene in an action film, a thriller or a horror film. And yet, it was happening on the screen and not in our living room.

Easier said than done, getting rid of false beliefs requires a good dose of courage and sincerity because after all, they have a good backing to allow us to avoid too deep a questioning.

And you ? Will you have the courage to look within?

As Napoleon Hill, bestselling American author of personal development books, said: “it is not enough to think, you must also believe” [that you can change].

Because “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can bring into reality. »

Here we give you the plan of attack:

1. Identify false beliefs

Most of the time, we are not aware of our ready-made ideas and to identify them, you will have to slip into the shoes of a detective.

Pay attention to your thoughts.

What story are you telling yourself? What do you think about saying no frankly and without giving reasons, sharing your opinion, giving a compliment, asking for help, not cleaning the entire apartment this evening?

Pay attention to your emotions.

Behind the anger, fear, discouragement can hide your limiting beliefs.

Also pay attention to your behavior.

Are you the type to do everything for others?

You may think that you are only well served by yourself.

Are you unable to look your interlocutors in the eyes?

You may think that what you say doesn't interest people.

Open your eyes wide and write down all your false beliefs in a notebook, ready to be burned at the big stake.

2. Use positive affirmations

To reformulate your limiting beliefs in a positive and enthusiastic way, there's nothing like these pretty phrases called positive affirmations.

Choose yours carefully because you have to like them and they have to resonate with you.

In quiet moments that you will take care to insert into your schedule, repeat these positive affirmations to yourself gently and with conviction.

Little by little, they will replace your misconceptions.

To find out where positive affirmations come from and how to use them, click here.

3. Pretend

Embody the changes that are necessary for you in your actions. The English have a nice expression on this subject, the famous “fake it till you make it”.

In his bestselling book “The Success Principles”, Jack Canfield gives a good example: if you want to become the boss, behave like a boss: arrive on time, take care of your outfit, be aware of everything and up to date in your files.

4. Hypnosis and NLP

Need a helping hand to get rid of your false beliefs?

Nothing wrong with that, since very effective tools exist.

This is the case with Ericksonian hypnosis, often offered during sophrology sessions.

Once a state of deep calm is achieved, the practitioner helps his patient to access unconscious resources and to rewrite, step by step, a more positive continuation of the story.

And you, do you have false beliefs?


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