Quels Sports Pratiquer en Complément du Yoga ?

What Sports to Practice in Addition to Yoga?

Varying the pleasures, a concept that also applies to physical activity!

Yoga is magical, but perhaps you also like to get lost in nature, move your hips to lively music, ride a bike or kick a ball?

What does yoga bring to the practice of other sports?

What sports are the perfect allies of yoga?

This is what we will explore in this post!

Motivated to practice yoga every day? So much the better ? because it has many benefits.

What yoga brings to the practice of another sport


While sport in general tends to stress the muscles by making them contract, yoga allows you to remain flexible. Practicing yoga prevents the body from “stiffening up” and allows it to remain flexible.

Range of motion

By always practicing the same types of movements in a given sport, the body ends up forgetting the entire range of possibilities. Yoga works the joints in a multitude of directions, allowing the body to remain open and mobile. This range of movement is beneficial for sports performance but also quite simply to avoid injuries.

Deep muscle strengthening

Unlike other disciplines which only use the superficial muscles, yoga works the deep muscles closer to the skeleton such as the psoas, the iliacus, etc. which give the body tone. Yoga can help you feel more comfortable in your sports practice.


In yoga, great importance is given to the alignment of the body and the way in which we place each part of the body to construct a posture. The anatomical part that benefits the most? Most certainly our back, which we try to keep straight. This good habit will give you wings in practicing other sports: when you behave well, everything is easier!


The major element that distinguishes yoga from any other sporting practice is breathing. In other sports, we almost forget our breath, what a shame! In yoga, we learn to synchronize our breathing with the progress of the posture. We learn to control our breathing. Without necessarily realizing it, you will keep your good yogic breathing habits while practicing your favorite sport!

Yoga is therefore an excellent method of sports preparation, even if it goes further on a spiritual and personal level.

Sports activities compatible with yoga

young woman swimming in water


Swimming and yoga are made for each other.

Very different, they are nevertheless complementary: in swimming, we work the muscles in depth and the movements of the arms and legs, whether in crawl, breaststroke, backstroke or butterfly, make the body gain amplitude.

Perfect for practicing yoga!

Conversely, yoga can help the swimmer to better control their breathing, to become more flexible and to remain well concentrated during the sequence of lengths.

What type of yoga for swimmers? Vinyasa Yoga, for synchronization of breath and movement.


young woman swimming in water

Skill sports

Practicing archery or fencing requires a good dose of concentration and calm.

Yoga can prove to be the ideal solution for working on breathing, precision of movements and relaxation for this type of sport.

What type of yoga for swimmers? Yin Yoga, for deep relaxation.


young woman in ski outfit


Intense skiing or snowboarding can cause microtrauma to the body.

By doing yoga regularly at the same time, it will be easier to reduce them. Conversely, the practice of yoga provides concentration, precision of movements and flexibility, essential qualities on snowy slopes.

What type of yoga for swimmers? Restorative yoga, to heal possible injuries.


young woman on a basketball court

Team sports

Football, basketball, handball: just like skiing or running, co-sports are not known for their gentleness.

With jerks and constant contraction, the movements can be traumatic for the body.

But luckily, there is yoga! Practiced regularly, it will allow all those who practice a team sport to relax their muscles and recover gently.

What type of yoga for dribblers? Yin yoga, a very gentle yoga to gently stretch all parts of the body.


dancer in the forest


Some types of yoga are rightly compared to choreographing on a mat.

Yoga and dance are cousins ​​and practicing both disciplines in parallel will enrich sensory experiences.

Yoga is a great warm-up exercise for dancers. It will give them flexibility, fluidity and concentration for more flexible and graceful movements.

And the icing on the cake, it will be easier for them to stand up straight. Ah! the famous posture…

What type of yoga for dancers? Ashtanga yoga to gain flexibility and stretch.

All yoga postures that strengthen the spine and abdominal muscles are interesting for dancers.


young woman riding a horse

The horse riding

It's difficult to find many points in common at first glance between these two disciplines, and yet!

Regular yoga practice will prepare the rider to discover new dimensions in their equestrian adventures.

Yoga allows the rider to adopt a good posture, to be more flexible and more concentrated.

When the mind and body become one, it is easier to connect to your frame!

What type of yoga for riders? Dynamic yogas like Vinyasa yoga or Ashtanga yoga to strengthen the back and legs.


young woman doing boxing

The box

Combining combat sport and yoga seems absurd to you?

Yoga can, however, be a fabulous tool for female boxers.

Breathing exercises in yoga will lay a good foundation and why help associate each striking movement with a breath.

Yoga will also bring mobility and balance to boxers who will need anchoring to evolve in their art.

What type of yoga for boxers? Hatha Yoga to master breathing synchronized with postures.

To favor: postures of opening the heart such as the dolphin, the sphinx, the cobra and the postures of anchoring and balance such as the warriors, the eagle, the tree.


young woman climbing a cliff


Yoga and climbing are two practices that go well together.

Yoga will give climbers more agility and tone on the ground.

The postures are an excellent warm-up for the joints, which are sometimes abused when climbing.

For those who want to overcome the fear of heights or concentrate better on crossing a path, yoga can provide the keys to better control the flow of thoughts.

And finally, why not breathe when climbing like you breathe in yoga? Because taming your breathing is essential when climbing!

What type of yoga for climbers? Vinyasa yoga, to be even more creative with your body to solve “problems” as a whole.


young woman running in the mountain


Running can be a bit rough on the body and that's where yoga can do some good!

In addition to helping joggers develop their endurance and breathing capacity, yoga is ideal as a warm-up before a run and as a stretch at the end of the session.

Focus on yoga postures that open the hips to have more range in each stride (pigeon, lizard and butterfly poses), leg stretching postures to avoid soreness (lunges, pliers) and also meditative postures to find inner calm (child's posture).

Generally speaking, yoga is a really great tool for maintaining good posture (straight back in particular) while running!

What type of yoga for runners? Gentle yogas for a deep stretch like Yin Yoga.



There are more than fifty different types of yoga. To discover them, click here!

What other sport do you practice alongside yoga? Don’t hesitate to share with us in the comments!

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