Rire en Vert : 16 Gestes Hilarants pour Réduire Votre Empreinte Écologique

Laughing Green: 16 Hilarious Gestures to Reduce Your Ecological Footprint

Ah, Earth, our favorite planet!

If only she could text us to express her feelings.

"Dear human, your carbon footprints affect me. Can you do something about it?"

But don't panic, because the fight against climate change can also be full of humor and positivity.

In this article, we will explore fun eco-friendly actions that will help you reduce your environmental impact while making you smile.

pajamas for eco-responsible women

1. Eco-Entertaining Fashion

Forget fleeting trends and adopt the timeless style of second-hand clothing.

As a bonus, organize a “Retro Eco” theme evening where everyone must find the craziest piece in a second-hand store.

Who said eco-fashion has to be boring?

adopt the backpack for shopping

2. The Backpack of Excess

Adopt the hiking backpack for your daily errands.

Yes, you'll look like an urban adventurer, but most importantly, you'll be able to carry a month's worth of supplies without using a single plastic bag.

Ready for the Everest of racing?

small garden on balcony

3. The Balcony Vegetable Garden

For those who don't have a garden, why not create a vegetable garden on your balcony?

It will be like a miniature version of the farm, but with less mud and more vegetables.

Prepare to be the Indiana Jones of cherry tomatoes!

Italian shower

4. The Eco-Délire Shower

Shorten your time in the shower with a special “Eco Shower Songs” playlist.

Sing at the top of your lungs while being careful not to waste water.

Who says water conservation can't be a party?

sorting bins

5. The Zero Waste Challenge with Neighbors

Start a zero waste challenge for your neighbors.

The person who produces the least waste in a month wins the honorary title of “Zero Waste Master”.

Get ready to see neighbors competing to see who can compost the best.

bike ride in nature

6. The Eco-Comedian's Bike

Transform your bike into an eco-friendly vehicle.

Add colored lights, garlands and a luggage rack on which you can transport your eco-responsible purchases.

You will be the rockstar of the cycle paths.

interior of a compost

7. The Artistic Compost Challenge

Organize an artistic compost competition in your neighborhood.

Who can create the most impressive sculpture from leftover fruit and vegetables?

The possibilities are endless, as is the potential for reducing waste.

colorful dish of spring rolls.

8. Green Mystery Meal Day

Organize an “Eco-Friendly Mystery Meal” theme evening.

Everyone brings a creative dish with local and seasonal ingredients, ideally vegetarian.

The rules are simple: the greener it is, the funnier it is.

Beware of culinary experiments!

climb the stairs

9. The Eco Step Counter

Turn your obsession with counting steps into an eco-friendly game.

For every mile you walk, donate to an environmental charity.

A fun way to save the planet while staying fit.

recipe book

10. The DIY Recipe Book

Create your own DIY recipe book for eco-friendly household products.

Add hilarious illustrations and wacky hacks to make cleaning more fun.

Because even cleaning can be a comedy!

young woman wearing a thick sweater

11. The Sweater Diaper Contest

Instead of turning the heat on to high, put on as many layers of clothing as possible to keep warm.

Rush up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.

You will quickly get very hot.

And your heating bill will be less spicy!

kitchen with garden view

12. DIY caulking

If you are a seamstress at heart, you will like this activity: super simple and no hassle.

Cut out long rectangles to make fabric tubes, to be stuffed with old clothes, wadding, cotton, etc.

To be placed near all drafts in the house, usually under doors and around windows.

The opportunity also to review the eco-friendly decor a little.

garden water reserve

13. The largest water reserve

If you can, install a tank in your garden to collect rainwater.

When the time comes to clean the car or water the plants or play tag in the sandbox, you can happily help yourself from the reserve without feeling guilty.

And why not organize a water fight in the garden to water the lawn at the same time?

house with all the lights on

14. It's not Versailles here

A game to share with the family: all the lights in rooms where there is no one must be turned off.

If you leave a light on: you have a pledge.

If you turn off the light instead of a family member, you score points.

leftover banana

15. Inventive cuisine

Call Grandma to ask her for all her tips for cooking delicious feasts from leftovers.

A way to stop food waste while having a good time with people you care about.

You'll be surprised at what you can do with leftover mashed potatoes, eggs and peas!

pick up the rubbish

16. The waste hunting walk

When you leave, take with you a few trash bags and a pair of gloves for hygiene.

As soon as you find trash on the ground, pick it up in your bag.

You may not go as fast as usual but this walk will be much cleaner the next time you walk it!


Reducing your environmental impact can be a joyful and humorous journey.

So, put on your eco-ridiculous costume and get started with these offbeat actions to make the planet greener while having fun.

Because ultimately, laughter is also a renewable energy!

An idea for a fun eco-friendly gesture?

Share it in the comments!


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