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Facial Yoga to Prevent the Signs of Aging

Like more than one of you, I sometimes get lost in the twists and turns of the internet and social networks.

Most of the time, I bitterly regret this precious time which will never be returned to me.

But sometimes I find really great stuff.

Facial yoga is one of those completely serendipitous discoveries.

And since ?

With great motivation, I incorporated facial yoga into my evening beauty routine.

Let me tell you: this is a new wellness habit that I'm not ready to quit.

I even went so far as to equip myself with a gua sha (a what? I'll explain all that to you in a few paragraphs) to perfect my practice.

Please note, however, that you only need two hands and a little oil for greater comfort to get started!

Come on, let me tell you!

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What is facial yoga?

According to the beauty news, it's THE trend we're talking about the most lately.

Facial Yoga is a natural and holistic method combining self-massage and facial exercises to maintain the youthfulness of the skin and fight against the marks of time.

Like the rest of the body, the face also needs “exercise”.

By working the fifty muscles that make up the face for a few minutes a day, we stimulate the density and firmness of the skin while activating the energy points that promote relaxation and well-being.

There are hypertonic muscles, constantly used from waking up to going to bed and which will ultimately cause expression lines and downward stretching of the skin. During a facial yoga session, we will stretch, smooth and relax these muscles.

Conversely, hypotonic muscles, little used, will be toned and stimulated.

After a facial yoga session, the skin is rested!

The best accessories for practicing facial yoga remain the fingers!

For those who do not feel very comfortable and who are just starting out, there are very intuitive and easy-to-use facial massage instruments such as the roller, gua sha, mushrooms or cryo sticks.

These accessories also allow you to play with the material they are made of – rose quartz – which is soft, cold and smooth against the skin.

Be careful, however, not to want to go too fast or too hard, because the practice will then be totally counterproductive.

Hands or accessories, let's take it easy!

mirror and quartz gua sha

Where does facial yoga come from?

Facial yoga is both very old and very new.

It is difficult to find the origins of facial yoga with precision.

Traces of this practice can be found in traditional Asian cultures, notably gestural self-massage techniques such as kobido.

What is interesting is the philosophy that accompanies the practice of Facial Yoga: taking a little time to reconnect with your body and help it age well.

Facial Yoga is therefore inspired by ancestral self-massage techniques but has been adapted with great common sense to the different needs and constraints of our time.

facial yoga beauty instruments

The beauty ritual that makes the difference

Taking care of your skin involves using cosmetics, the only ones capable of protecting, nourishing and hydrating it.

Practicing facial yoga is a very nice way to complete your beauty routine since it will boost the effects of the treatments you apply thanks to smoothing, massage and pressure techniques.

By spreading cream on your face, only the epidermis benefits. By adding the movements of Facial Yoga, you stimulate the deeper layer at the level of the hypodermis.

young blonde woman smiling

Who is facial yoga for?

Everyone can benefit from the benefits of Facial Yoga, if only through its very relaxing effects.

The sooner you start incorporating Facial Yoga gestures into your daily routine, the easier it will be to see the benefits.

By starting before the first wrinkles appear, we learn to know and appreciate our face. The practice of Facial Yoga then becomes a real means of preventing and delaying skin aging.

Please note, however, that this cannot work miracles and that genetics holds a large part of the responsibility in the way our skin ages, just like our hygiene habits (food, sleep, sport).

When you start practicing Facial Yoga and the first wrinkles have already set in, know that the game is worth the effort.

A more intense start-up phase will be necessary to see results.

Whatever your age, you will love practicing Facial Yoga.

However, your movements must adapt according to the thickness of your skin and its fragility. A young woman of 25 will be able to perform more toned and forceful movements, a mature woman will be more delicate in her movements so as not to have the opposite effect and damage the epidermis.

woman with blue eyes

At what time of the day should you practice Facial Yoga?

The best time of day to easily and naturally integrate the practice of Facial Yoga is during your beauty routine.

So either in the morning or in the evening, at your convenience.

If you practice in the morning, you can favor tonic movements which intensely mobilize the muscles, the energy at this time of the day being more “yang”.

In the evening, you can opt for gentler and soothing gestures such as drainage and smoothing to promote rest and relaxation, just before falling asleep.

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How long does a Facial Yoga session ideally last?

A few minutes are enough to fully benefit from the benefits of Facial Yoga, provided you are totally present.

And yes, this is also why the name of this ritual contains the word Yoga.

Both a beauty complement and a relaxation method, take advantage of your Facial Yoga session to develop your mindfulness and why meditate at the same time?

As with all good habits, what counts is regularity.

A little bit every day is the best way to see results.

open hands holding gua sha

How to use your fingers or facial massage instruments?

The ten fingers of your hands are the best tools you can have to practice Facial Yoga.

And yes, they can do everything: tap, smooth, press, massage, knead, pinch…

You will sometimes use the tips of the fingers, the phalanges, the palm

The hands, and more precisely the fingers, are the tool best suited to the practice of facial yoga.

In addition, your fingers are the arrival and departure points of six meridians: heart, lung, small intestine, large intestine, master heart and triple warmer directly linked to the radiance of the skin, blood and lymphatic circulation.

As for instruments like gua sha, we use its different facets to replace the fingers to work the facial muscles.

You can also do a mix of the two – fingers and gua sha – to vary the pleasure.

young woman facial yoga

Facial yoga: does it work?

According to Sylvie Lefranc, expert on the subject and author of “Le Yoga du Visage” published by Leduc, Facial Yoga is effective, provided you practice it regularly.

At each session, a few minutes of facial muscle strengthening are enough to obtain results.

Quickly, the contour of the face is redefined, the bags are deflated, the hollow areas regain volume.

Finger movements stimulate cell renewal.

So yes, it works but keep in mind that Facial Yoga is not a miraculous solution and will never replace an impeccable lifestyle (restorative sleep, balanced diet, regular exercise, absence of smoking and less alcohol) nor cosmetic surgery.

young woman closing her eyes facing the sun

Contraindications and what not to do

When practicing Facial Yoga, remember to settle in and relax!

Otherwise, you risk creating tension and even new wrinkles on your face, which would be totally counterproductive.

As with other types of yoga, reconnect with yourself for a pure moment of relaxation.

If you have had facial cosmetic surgery or botox or hyaluronic acid injections, remember to seek the advice of your doctor before getting started.

Facial Yoga to have the effect of moving the products.

young woman sending a kiss

Some simple actions to adopt

Brightening up in the early morning

To wake up with a fresh complexion and sparkling eyes, apply a little pressure every evening to stimulate blood microcirculation.

How to do ? Take your thumb and index finger in “tweezers” and press the skin for a few seconds all along the brow bone, at the base

A well-defined mouth contour

To prevent the appearance of small wrinkles and fine lines all around the mouth.

How ? Take your two index fingers and place them inside the mouth, one index finger bent in each cheek, pulp side outwards. Make an “O” with your mouth and exert pressure against the index fingers, which make small movements outwards. Repeat 30 times.

Luscious lips

To strengthen the entire area around the mouth and lips.

How ? Bring out your lips (like Grandma when she kisses you) and give big kisses against your open hand. Use resistance with your hand to counteract the pressure of the kisses. Repeat 30 times.

A pretty smile

Always to strengthen the area around the mouth and keep it well toned.

How ? Place both hands flat on either side of your face, pulling slightly upward on the skin on your cheeks. Again do a series of 30 big kisses, your hands are there to resist the force of your kisses. It is this resistance that makes the muscles work.

Smooth cheeks and firmed cheekbones

To deeply strengthen the cheek muscles.

How ? Pretend you are going to blow into a wind instrument and fill your cheeks with air, holding it with your lips. Apply small pressures and taps with the tips of your ten fingers all over the swollen part of your cheeks.

A very clear profile

To prevent the skin on the jaws and neck from sagging.

How ? Place your fist under your chin. Place your tongue against the puck and press down with your tongue to lower the fist. Your fist of course gently resists this force to strengthen this entire part of the face. Repeat 30 times.

A very smooth neck

To counter sagging skin on the neck.

How ? Place one hand flat at the base of the neck. Place the other hand on top. Raise your head while looking at the ceiling and move your lower jaw forward slightly. Repeat 30 times.

Toned nose contours

To prevent the appearance of nasolabial folds.

How ? Place your index and middle fingers on either side of your nose, under your eyes. Pulling the skin very lightly with your fingers, turn up the tip of your nose, as mice do. Repeat 30 times.

A smooth eyebrow line

To prevent the appearance or eliminate frown lines.

How ? Place your thumbs between both eyes and make small circles, once clockwise, then counterclockwise. Repeat 30 times.

A penetrating gaze

To tone the eye area.

How ? Close your eyes and place each index finger on one eyelid. Inhale and as you exhale try to open your eyes.

pot containing gua sha and quartz roller

The best resources for practicing facial yoga

Before embarking on the adventure of facial yoga, check your sources!

In this section, we share with you our favorite resources (validated and tested) to get started with facial yoga without danger.

Julie Akasha's YouTube and Instagram account is full of tutorials including a complete playlist of videos dedicated to facial yoga: anti-frown wrinkles, luscious lips, anti-double chin massage, in short you will find what you are looking for!

Céline's Instagram account l'école de silk brings together a multitude of short videos with advice for reducing bags under the eyes in the morning, toning the eye contour, stimulating the nasolabial fold, working on the orbicularis oculi, etc. …

For those who prefer books, we recommend:

  • Facial yoga, Sylvie Lefranc, Editions Leduc.S
  • Facial yoga and associated techniques, Alain Pénichot, Marie-Claire Editions

However, the beauty and health of the skin is nothing without a balanced diet, restful sleep and reduced stress levels.

Facial Yoga is the icing on the cake to make your skin glow.

Our favorite way to truly disconnect every evening, before going to bed.

So convinced?

Tell us in the comments if you have tried it and especially if you like the practice of Facial Yoga!


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