Apprendre à Déconnecter pour de Vrai

Learning the Art to Unwind and to Relax, for Real

Screens here, screens there,

Missed phone calls and messages,

Overflowing email box,

Magnetic social networks,


Stewardship and children's cries.

Too many requests, information, pressure and emotions.


By the way, how do we really disconnect in the 21st century?

Even vacations are sometimes often stressful...

Disconnecting is nevertheless vital and highly recommended, to avoid losing control, burn-out, anxiety attacks and so on.

Stop wasting your time and your life!

Here are some tips to put aside unwanted disturbances and reconnect with the essentials!

cell phone with many notifications

1. Brief inventory: identify the pollutants

This is the moment when you take out a piece of paper and a pen (an old method that still works), and start making a list.

Of all the things that waste your time, distract you or which you have difficulty mastering.

Where do the minutes and hours go in your 24-hour day?

It all looks a lot like a timetable audit. In fact, it is!

Time slips through our fingers and we all tend to underestimate the time we spend on screens or the time it takes to complete a task.

Take this exercise seriously to do a real thorough cleaning.

desk with notebooks and pens

2. Get better organized to save time

You know, you don't have to do everything alone and carry the weight of the world on your shoulders.

For one, no one will notice.

Two, it's a golden opportunity to tackle the perfectionism that sticks to you.

And three, it's okay if it's not done exactly how you want.

Who can you delegate to at work and at home?

Try to spend less time on things with absolutely zero added value.

Example: put the cloth back parallel to the work surface in the kitchen.

The idea is to save time, whatever is left at the end of the calculation is a gift for you.

wake up alarm

3. Establish rules

You are not your own mother and yet you will have to become one.

Reason taking over emotions.

No more phones at the table or after/before a certain time.

A timer when you really can't say no to social media or this totally hypnotizing game. Or even worse, we install an app that prevents us from accessing the phone after using it for a certain period of time.

Go to bed at such a time.

We take the time to chew food, make our bed properly, air out the room (and close the window), all with full awareness.

In comparison, you will ultimately find your mother very cool!

young woman taking a bath

4. Refocus on the essentials

Here's Mrs. Guilt coming out of the closet.

Quick, turn the key.

No, but seriously, you're not going to replace ironing with watering just because it makes you get some fresh air?

Learning to do the things that bring us joy is super hard for some people.

The ideal would be for this to become a reflex: when you have a little time, don't immediately jump to work but take a moment for yourself.

Eat mindfully and slowly, without distraction.

Do your evening routine away from the hustle and bustle.

Lock yourself in a room to meditate.

Start a new book, a new activity.

And for those who want to go even further, try far niente (do nothing in Italian) in the literal sense of the term.

young woman in lunge yoga posture

5. Do yoga and meditate a little every day to learn to slow down

Practicing yoga has many benefits but the one that resonates most with the theme of this article is slowing down.

To take a break to find yourself again.

Setting up a daily yoga routine is possible (and so cool that you won't believe it).

For those who are starting out, first choose lessons with a teacher to learn the basics and avoid injury, before taking lessons online or on YouTube.

Yoga has a little magical side, the more you do it, the more relaxed you are and the easier it becomes to disconnect!

young woman upset on her bed

6. Stop rumination on thoughts

The thoughts that go around in circles for hours when you wanted to enjoy a little time just for yourself in the bathroom.

Spoils !

To be able to truly disconnect, you must also learn to control your thoughts, especially negative thoughts.

How to do it ?

You can do some yoga by focusing on your breath.

Or go for a walk alone for a little meditative walk.

Make a conscious effort every moment on the thoughts that affect you and let them fly away like a helium balloon.

young woman on a pebble beach

7. Cut on vacation

Vacations are supposed to be the time when disconnecting is obligatory.

And yet work and obligations seep into suitcases, pass through the plane window and land on the beach towel.

If you can't relax on vacation, when will you (finally) be able to??

Before you leave, arrange, if possible, to delegate all emergencies and current tasks.

We leave the phone turned off in a cupboard.

Choose quieter periods to go on vacation, ideally at the same time as customers who won't bother you.

And only call back if and only if there is a fire at the lake.

What if we stopped living like automatons?

New technologies and the hectic pace of our lives force us to be available everywhere and all the time.

We are here and elsewhere, we are today and tomorrow, we are alone and with lots of people.

To be sucked into the infernal spiral is to deprive yourself of what is most beautiful and essential in life: living in the present moment.



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