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Today I Say Yes to What Is

This article is additional information regarding the personal development exercise proposed for the month of October (Letting go - Today, I decide to accept what is) in our positive affirmations card game .


All of our frustrations come from the fact that we say no all the time, from a very young age.

You never noticed!?

We would thus spend 95% of our time saying no.

Oh no it's raining.

Oh no, not him on the phone yet!

Oh no, my request was rejected!

I cannot accept this situation.

No, no, no and no!

The more we refuse and paradoxically, the more we merge with this thing that we wanted to push aside. It transforms into a pain that inhabits us and which consumes a lot of our vital energy.

A bit like a tapeworm that eats us from the inside.

Yes, we have known more glamor as a metaphor!

But it was chosen to draw, just to illustrate to what extent we are the only ones responsible for making our lives impossible, for eating away at us from the inside.

What if we learned to say yes more often?

A whole host of philosophers have grappled with the theme of non-duality, Nietzsche, Spinoza, Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Master Eckhart and all the others.

But it is probably with his simplicity of words that Arnaud Desjardins made this concept as clear and understandable as possible. At least to our taste!

Arnaud Desjardins, author and director of numerous books and films on spirituality and non-duality (saying yes to what is), says he asked a Hindu Swami during one of his first trips to India: “What is spirituality? ". To which he responded, bursting out laughing, “When it rains, I open my umbrella. When it stops raining, I close it. »

Here is a perfect acceptance of what is: “it is raining”, followed by the right action “I open my umbrella”.

It seems almost trivial at first, but haven't we all been guilty of making ourselves sick over the weather?

What's the point of saying no to the rain?

And yet, saying yes to unpredictable weather is sometimes difficult.

So you can imagine to what extent the death of a loved one, a major material loss, a catastrophe or an accident are events where the “yes” remains blocked for a long time, if not forever.

Why is it dangerous to refuse reality?

Why is it dangerous to say no to the events that life sprinkles along the way?

Sometimes it's a small stone, and other times a 2 meter hedge.

Our unconscious is made up of everything that has been repressed in our past.

By continuing to say no to what is, not only is it impossible for us to free ourselves from the past but we continue to live in a kind of illusion.

Saying yes to what is has nothing to do with passive fatalism, a refusal to act to change what can be changed. No not at all.

Accepting means saying “yes” to the given situation and then freely exercising your freedom of action.

Saying yes to what is is the foundation of the spiritual journey.

Be attentive to our inner attitude and the stories we tell ourselves. Get rid of your false beliefs.

When we decide to set out on the path of spirituality, we practice, day after day, increasing our vigilance in relation to our feelings, our emotions, our inner conflicts.

We are becoming more and more aware of it.

To escape from this illusion and say yes to what is, we must tame our tortuous mind which has ended up putting us in slavery to its ramblings.

To move forward on the path, you must learn to say yes.

We start with simple things like small everyday frustrations. And then, little by little, we will be able to keep our inner calm in the face of the storms of life.

Isn't that what the state of plenitude is? When nothing can shake us up anymore and our inner peace remains unshakeable?

Now, let's get to work! Look at when, how and where you could say yes more!

Daily yoga practice can have many benefits and help you broaden your horizons. When you are calmer, it is easier to say “YES”.

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