Nos 4 Exercices de Fitness Préférés en Complément du Yoga

Our 4 Favorite Fitness Exercises to Add to Your Yoga Practice

Hello !

Today, I wanted to share with you my favorite fitness exercises, which I practice in addition to yoga.

When we find gems on the web, we only want to share them with more people!

I like to alternate yoga and fitness sessions for a complete sports practice and also to get out of the routine.

But always in moderation and listening to my body.

The idea is to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Without further ado, here is the little fitness course that I love to do with catchy music and without interruption if possible (these days it's less obvious with my two little ones).

A succession of 4 routines of 10 minutes each, each time focusing on a part of the body: the arms, the abs, the buttocks and finally the legs.

To practice in this order or in the one that inspires you.

You can also practice these routines individually if you are short on time.

woman standing stretching her arms

1. Sculpt the arms

I like to start with the arms 😉

For this workout, you will need weights (500g or 1kg for each dumbbell is more than enough to work the muscles).

If you don't have one, think about your cans, milk bottles and why not your books!

This short and intense routine is very complete for sculpting all the arm muscles. We successively work the shoulders, biceps and triceps, without forgetting the wrists.

Let's go !


woman in lotus on fitness mat

2. Strengthen the abdominal strap

No fitness routine without going through the abs, a polarizing part of the body.

Either we love it or we don't like it at all.

But there's no secret to strengthening your abs: you have to get started!

This routine is just as short and intense as the first, drink a little water to regain your strength before attacking.

What awaits you: 10 exercises of 30 seconds each, to be repeated twice.

I find that Rebecca sometimes goes a little too quickly and I don't hesitate to press pause to go at my own pace.

Let's go !


woman on fitness mat

3. Shape the buttocks

This is the exercise that gives me the most trouble, especially when it's been a while since I've done it.

But what wouldn't I do to have a butt worthy of Beyoncé?

This fitness routine of only 10 minutes focuses mainly on the gluteal muscles and offers a series of very complete exercises.

If it goes too fast, don't hesitate to pause the video 😊

Let's go !


woman practicing yoga

4. Tone the legs

Finally, I offer you a specific routine for the legs hosted by the inspiring Juliana from the Boho Beautiful YouTube channel.

It’s happening in the Maldives 😉

Also in this 10-minute routine, you will work in depth the muscles of the thighs, the calves but also (a little more) the glutes!

Let's go !



To motivate yourself to move more often and incorporate yoga into your daily routine, click here !

We sometimes forget it, but yoga has many benefits for the body and mind, the best medicine.

Tell me in the comments which exercise seemed the most difficult to you at first, but where you surprised yourself with your own performance?


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