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Yoga Postures to Avoid During Pregnancy

No, being pregnant is not a contraindication to the daily practice of yoga !

While yoga is a fabulous tool for body and mental relaxation for expectant mothers, all types of yoga postures are not recommended.

It is important to know which ones to avoid any injury or risk to baby.

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Inversion yoga postures

Inversion yoga postures require both balance and strength, particularly in the abdominal area.

As pregnancy progresses, fatigue and weight gain which changes our center of balance mean that it can be dangerous to do a headstand pose.

Unless you are an expert and have learned to master inversion postures with a yoga teacher, it is better to leave them aside during your pregnancy.

One exception, however: the candle pose, which can be practiced with your legs leaning against the wall for greater comfort, to revitalize blood circulation and relieve the weight of the stomach.


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Back Stretching Yoga Poses

During pregnancy, hormones help relax muscles and joints in preparation for childbirth, making the body more flexible.

Back stretches should be done gently and carefully.

They can temporarily relieve back pain but risk causing muscle strain if you go beyond the limits of the body.


young woman in a twisting yoga posture

Twisting yoga postures

Many yoga postures require partial twisting of the body, whether in the abdomen, back, legs, arms or head.

When they are not too intense and performed gently and carefully, they can be practiced during pregnancy.

The so-called “deep” twisting yoga postures which strongly activate the abdominals and compress the stomach are absolutely not recommended for pregnant women because they are dangerous for the baby.


young woman in yoga pose of the bow

Yoga postures on the stomach

We will have to temporarily say goodbye to the arch and the sphinx 😉

From the second trimester, it is not recommended to practice postures where the entire weight of the body rests on the stomach.

The good news ? A whole range of yoga postures help to delay small (or larger) pregnancy aches. To use without moderation !


woman on the beach in downward dog

The sun salutation

The famous sun salutation sequence is a concentrate of everything you should avoid when you are pregnant.

Between the plank which works the abdominals, the cobra which places the entire weight of the body on the stomach and the small jumps to arrive in the plank posture which is very not recommended in the first trimester, it is better to pause the practice of the greeting under the sun.

Instead, practice these 14 yoga postures, perfectly suited to pregnancy.


young woman in a yoga posture resting on her hands

Postures that require great physical strength

The main goal of prenatal yoga is relaxation, relief from pregnancy ailments and preparation of the body for childbirth.

Don't look for performance and surpassing yourself, which could end in injury for you or for your baby.

Take the time to enter the postures, avoiding those stated above and those in which you do not feel good, which require too much effort or which do not inspire you.

Take breaks between yoga poses if necessary, following your own pace.

Create your own bubble of well-being with an à la carte program, throughout the months of your pregnancy.

Resting in shavasana for a long time in the 9th month is completely permitted!


Now that you know the yoga postures to avoid, discover 14 yoga postures to practice to feel more peaceful during your pregnancy.

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