10 Postures de Yoga pour une Détente Profonde

10 Yoga Postures for Deep Relaxation

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I recently developed a passion for yin yoga, you know, this very unique yoga practice where you hold the postures a little longer than usual and where the sessions only offer a handful different postures.

After such a session, I feel deeply relaxed.

This is where I noticed that certain postures bring almost instantaneous relaxation, let me know!

Here is the non-exhaustive list of 10 yoga postures that are deeply relaxing and which also work the body, casually.

First of all: breathe well.

In life as on the yoga mat, breathing is essential to our well-being.

On this subject, we have an excellent breathing exercise to calm the mind, stress and anxiety.

Breathing during postures is one of the essential components of yoga, which differentiates it from gymnastics, for example.

In each yoga posture, take the time to return to your breath: inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale...with your abdominal breathing.

Close your eyes to reconnect with your breath and better appreciate each of the following 10 yoga postures.

Do you know another super relaxing posture? Share it with us in the comments.

the yoga posture of the child turned upside down

1. Thread the Needle or Parsva Balasana

This is my favorite relaxation and stretching posture.

It is perfect for back pain caused by spending too much time sitting.

As for the mind, it dissolves in the comfort that the pose brings.

Your body will really mimic a thread passing through the eye of a needle, it's funny!

From cat pose, back straight, hands on the ground. Raise your right arm toward the sky and pass it under your left arm until your right shoulder touches the floor (like threading a needle).

Breathe and do the pose on the other side.

The left arm can also be extended above the head or twisted behind the back.

yoga pose legs on the wall

2. Legs on the wall or Viparita Karani

You will love this posture to empty your heavy legs after a day of running in all directions.

Yes, you will even be allowed to take a little nap while performing Viparita Karani.

Sit comfortably lying on your back on the floor, near a wall.

Place your legs against the wall, square, with your glutes as close to the wall as possible.

You can elevate your hips with a cushion or blanket.

Breathe calmly through your stomach and let gravity do its drainage work.

Open the door wide to relaxation, your mind is focused on breathing.

diving heart yoga pose

3. Diving Heart or Anahatasana

Welcome to the delight of back posture.

The plunging heart is an asana particularly suited to back pain and tension along the spine.

In a kneeling position, toes turned out to activate blood circulation in the feet, stretch your arms forward and place your forehead on the ground.

Let the heart open towards the earth.

the cat and cow yoga posture series

4. Cat and Cow or Marjiarasana and Bitilasana

One of the classics of Hatha Yoga but which we never tire of!

And for good reason, just like the plunging heart, the alternation of cat and cow postures brings relief and relaxation to our overworked backs.

Sit comfortably on the floor on all fours on your knees and hands.

Inhale while pushing towards the pelvis, head relaxed downward.

Then exhale while tilting your pelvis downwards, rounding your spine.

Repeat as many times as necessary!

child's yoga posture or balasana

5. The Child or Balasana

Child's pose is sufficient in itself and if you are sorely lacking time at the moment, it could constitute your mini yoga session, in the evening or in the morning.

Perfect for relaxing and stretching the back, balasana is the perfect posture to reconnect with yourself.

In a kneeling position, spread your knees hip-width apart.

The big toes are touching.

Lean your torso forward until your forehead touches the floor.

Place your arms above your head or alongside your body, palms facing the floor.

yoga pose bending legs apart

6. Wide Leg Flexion or Prasarita Padottanasana

One of my favorite postures to stretch the back and the back of the legs after a stressful day with a lot (too much) time spent in a seated position!

Just like child's pose, it stands on its own and can serve as a mini yoga session for those days when time slips through our fingers.

This posture would even relieve headaches!

Start by spreading your legs.

The ideal distance is the maximum distance where you can maintain stable support on the ground.

Bend your torso forward, your hands are on the ground or resting on your feet.

Stay as long as you want.

twist-sit yoga posture

7. Seated Twist or Ardha Matsyendrasana

By learning to appreciate them, twists are a real delight!

The seated twist is no exception :-)

From stick pose (sitting on the ground with your back straight and legs extended in front of you), bend your right leg, knee on the ground.

Your right heel touches your left buttock (or almost).

Bend left leg over right leg, knee toward the sky.

The left heel is in front of the right buttock.

Enter into a twist by placing your left hand behind your left buttock and the right elbow is placed in the crook of the right knee.

Once comfortably installed in the posture, let yourself get involved in the game and stay as long as you feel comfortable, like yin yoga where the postures are held for longer.

The seated twist is great for your spinal health, aids digestion and calms the mind.

butterfly yoga pose

8. Butterfly or Baddha Konasana

A little posture that doesn't seem like anything like that and yet offers almost instant well-being.

The butterfly is a posture accessible to beginners, it is a good way to work on flexibility in the hips and pelvis.

Sit on the floor with your legs wide apart and your back straight.

Bend your knees until your soles touch.

Bring your heels as close as possible to the pubis, without there being any pain.

Gradually tilt your torso while keeping your back flat and shoulders apart.

If you wish, you can flap your legs slightly to imitate the butterfly's wings.

One minute of Baddha Konasana per day will help you gradually regain greater flexibility in the hips.

happy baby yoga pose

9. The happy child or Ananda B alasana

For mothers, this posture will bring back lovely memories.

What baby hasn't happily grabbed their feet and straightened their legs during diaper changes with the incredible flexibility of newborns?

With the posture of the happy child, it is possible to gradually regain our original flexibility, which years of conditioning in seated postures has made disappear.

Lie comfortably on your back on the floor and grab your feet by the big toe with your index finger and thumb.

The pelvis remains flat on the ground.

Bend your knees or legs and stay that way for as long as feels comfortable.

Return to this posture regularly for a journey toward greater flexibility and relaxation.

Maybe a little unpleasant at first, but you will quickly get a taste for it!

end of yoga session in shavasana

10. The corpse or Shavasana

Also named the most difficult posture, because for us overexcited humans of the 21st century, there is precisely nothing to do.

The corpse is traditionally the closing yoga posture of each session and allows a relaxation of the body which digests all the postures performed.

While lying on your back on the floor, spread your arms and legs slightly apart.

Breathe calmly and if thoughts come, let them pass quietly!


For more relaxation and well-being in your life, you could create your daily yoga routine, or transition to a more minimalist lifestyle, or even cultivate your joy of living.

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