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How to Practice Yoga when it's Hot?

The heaviness of summer heat rhymes with slowness and laziness.

And so much the better! How good it is to finally slow down, to stop for a while...

Practicing yoga every day does wonders (doesn't it?)) but it is also completely normal to want to put your practice on pause for vacation time.

For those who can't imagine letting go of their mat, don't worry.

We show you below how to continue to enjoy the asanas despite the extreme heat.

It all depends on adapting your practice to avoid heatstroke, dehydration, or even discomfort!

A corpse pose that lasts too long...that's not a good sign.

Let yourself be surprised, you might even gain a little freshness in the end!

young woman practicing yoga in the shade

1. Some precautions to take when practicing in high heat

Choose a cool, shaded place to spread your mat.

Yes, this little spot of shadow at the foot of this tree is perfect!

No garden? Open the windows wide!

Depending on your motivation and your schedule, opt for either an early morning or evening practice to take advantage of the cooler hours of the day.

To absolutely avoid: the time slot 12 p.m.-4 p.m., which corresponds to the hottest hours.

Generally speaking, it is recommended to practice yoga away from meals. This is even more true when it’s hot!

Eat your ice cream after rather than before your session.

Fill your bottle with water and keep it close at hand.

Between two postures, don't hesitate to drink!!

Bonus: drinking slowly and mindfully also counts as posture!

When it comes to clothing, opt for light clothing.

This is the opportunity to practice wearing a bra!

Why do you think we bothered to make such beautiful ones?

If you don't feel in good shape or if, despite all these precautions, the postures require too much effort, don't force it!

Get some rest and try again tomorrow.

young woman in warrior pose at sunset

2. Adapt your practice

First of all, remember to warm up well before starting your practice.

To fully enjoy a yoga session when the thermometer exceeds 30 degrees, choose gentle yoga over dynamic yoga.

Yin yoga, hatha yoga, restorative yoga are particularly pleasant when it is hot.

You can of course continue your vinyasa yoga sequences, provided you reduce the intensity.

Do not hesitate to take longer breaks between each posture, to take the time to “digest” them, to avoid overwork.

Heat has the advantage of providing more comfort for mobility and flexibility work.

This is the perfect opportunity to work on certain types of yoga postures like back extensions, splits, and gentle twists.

As for standing postures, intense balances or inversions, we leave them aside during the heatwave to return to them later with even more pleasure.

Seated or ground postures are by definition gentler, therefore more suited to the heat.

young woman in lotus pose on the beach

3. Postures that refresh

Cat and Cow posture

Ideal for relieving the back and neck, the slow hollow back/round back sequence is also very refreshing.

Heron pose

A posture that requires a little more flexibility than the others so take advantage of it since it's hot and the heat artificially increases flexibility. This is no reason to force too much either!

The posture of the sleeping goddess

It is the restorative yoga posture par excellence, to recharge your batteries and regenerate. Stay in this position as long as it is comfortable for you. It is excellent for softening the hips and knees.

The candle

If there was only one posture to choose in hot weather, it would obviously be the candle, to relieve heavy legs. You can also lean against a wall to stay in the posture longer without tiring yourself out.

Bridge posture

Perfect for opening the chest and breathing better when it's hot. You can opt for a more yin version with the arms extended along the body and a bolster under the pelvis or a more dynamic version by raising the arms above the head on inspiration and lowering them along the body at exhalation.

The plough

To properly stretch your back and relax, the plow is a cooling and calming posture.


End your session with the traditional corpse pose. For once, stay in this posture a little longer than usual (5-10 minutes) with relish!

young woman relaxing on a hammock

4. Be “cooler”

Overheating does not necessarily always occur in summer, nor is it always solely physical.

Do you see where we're going with this?

Yes, this famous mental load!

It is not for nothing that the Anglo-Saxons use the word “burn-out” – literally in jargon “to burn out” or even “to burn the candle at both ends”.

To stay calm and relaxed, there are no secrets.

You have to step on the soft pedal and take your well-being seriously.

Mental overheating also has physical repercussions: we sweat more, our necks are hot, we are tense, we stand awkwardly,... in short, nothing very "cool".

Practicing yoga regularly and taking a little break will help you take things more lightly.

Breathing, meditation, relaxation: everything in yoga is an invitation to let go!

shitali the breath that refreshes

5. Breathing that refreshes

Do you know shitali, the breathing that refreshes the body and mind?

It's quite simple: in a sitting position, roll your tongue into a tube and inhale deeply through your mouth, like through a straw!

Close your mouth and exhale normally through your nose.

You can repeat the cycle for 5 to 10 breaths and observe the ice cube effect!

For the 30% of the population who simply can't roll their tongue anatomically speaking, don't worry, we also have a cool kiss tip in stock for you.

You can do the crow's beak mudra: instead of playing with your tongue, purse your lips as if to whistle, inhale through your mouth and then exhale normally through your nose!


If it's really too hot and motivation isn't there, know that walking meditation is a great alternative to yoga and a great tool for mental and physical relaxation when it's hot!

And to get in tune with summer, check out our lovely Ayurvedic summer routine!

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