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Cultivate your Joy of Living

This article is additional information concerning the personal development exercise proposed for the month of June in our positive affirmations card game ( Joy - Joy fills me and fills my life. ).

Have you ever felt like your joy was embarrassing? illegitimate? displaced?

That in this world where despite progress of all kinds, a lot of suffering and pain remain?

Being joyful, enjoying the moment, feeling the positive vibes…all of this can seem out of step with what the rest of humanity is experiencing.

And yet! How can we spread joy and love other than by living them?

How can we give without expecting anything in return, love unconditionally or make people laugh without taking care of our own joy of living?

Yes, positivity and joy spread as quickly as their opposite so you might as well choose a life filled with sunshine.

Granted, it takes a little effort. Perhaps even a lot of work for some, whose old wounds are difficult to heal.

This month of June, we offer you the challenge of awakening your joy of living!

But where to start ?

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1. I practice gratitude

Open your eyes with courage and carefully observe all the little joys that are already present in your life.

In reality, you already have everything you need.

The accumulation of material does not bring happiness, on the contrary, it stresses and brings worries.

Minimalism and detachment will be your two allies in your quest for joie de vivre.

Every morning and/or every evening, take the time to write down in a notebook 3 things that you appreciate in your life and 3 positive things that happened during the day.

A nice hot shower.

A ray of sunshine.

The smile of a child.

The sound of the wind in the trees.

Your favorite song playing on the radio.

Friends who love you as you are.

By making this effort daily, your brain will gradually be reprogrammed to focus on positive things.

Life is so much more beautiful when you see the glass half full!

Activate the law of attraction to bring even more positive into your life.

Say yes to what is!

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2. What are the simple pleasures that make me happy?

Have you ever wondered what brings you joy?

And conversely, do you do certain things out of obligation, routine or boredom?

To maintain your flame, it is important to take stock!

Because even though joy is a universal feeling, its triggers are as varied as there are people on earth.

What are the simple pleasures in your daily life? A tasty cup of tea? Take a digestive walk after dinner? To read novels ?

What activities nourish your mind, your creativity? To write ? Play a musical instrument ? Take photos ?

What are your passions ? The trek ? Yoga? Poetry ?

What are your interests and good vibes? The kitchen ? Origami? Gardening ?

What are your talents, what do you do best? Organize ? Animate? Observe ?

Once you identify the activities that nourish you, decide to do more!

If you opt for a daily yoga practice, here are some tips to stay motivated.

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3. Incorporate naturally joyful activities into your routine

Certain activities are naturally synonymous with joy.

Like dancing,


listen to music,

cook good things,

take a bath with essential oils,

hug your loved ones tightly,

say I love you.

Consider incorporating a few into your routine!

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4. Change your mindset

Once you open the door to more joy in your life, it will become easier for you, more natural to change your mindset.

Are there any clusters of negativity left?

Have fun neutralizing them by pushing them aside or even better, by transforming them into sources of pleasure.

For example :

Watch a good movie again

Listen to a podcast while cooking or in traffic

Doing the dishes as a family, while talking

Do some yoga exercises at the office

Joy attracts more joy, like a magnet.

It will boost your creativity, your self-confidence and will increase your inspiration tenfold!

Reconnect with your child's heart who knew very well:

  • Take all your time
  • Have fun with everything and nothing
  • To be curious

Open your heart with adapted yoga postures!

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5. Spread your joy

Once joy has regained pride of place in your life, it will spread naturally because it is very contagious.

It is not bad mood, fear, coldness and gloom that will help us make things happen. So together, let's have the courage to cultivate our joy a little more every day for a better world.

A warmer, funnier, lighter world!

Let's learn to smile more often, even in delicate situations.

Let's learn to use humor to overcome negativity.

Living with joy is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones. Joyful people attract more success and great encounters, difficult times are easier for them to navigate.

And you, have you decided to cultivate your joy of living?

Discover the personal development exercise proposed for the month of July: How to activate the law of attraction!

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