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How to Activate the Law of Attraction

This article is additional information regarding the personal development exercise proposed for the month of July (Gratitude - I thank life and its winks) in our positive affirmations card game .


Do you dream of attracting the craziest projects, your soul mate, beautiful friendships and much more?

The Law of Attraction, one of the most popular energetic “laws” is a pretty powerful tool that could help you transform into a positivity magnet.

It works according to the principle that thoughts are energy and that thoughts that are similar, assemble!

But be careful, because it works in both directions: the more we have negative thoughts and a dark vision of existence, the more our brain will be conditioned to approach life in a negative way.

Conversely, the more you train yourself to adopt a positive attitude, to feel the desired changes as already achieved, the more your energetic frequency will align with positive things.

You certainly realize it now: our thoughts have a great influence on our life.

The more we focus on something, the more we bring it to life. And it concerns just as much the “I can’t achieve anything”, “no one appreciates me” as well as the “I’m so lucky to be where I am”, “things are progressing slowly but surely”…

When it comes to profitability, it is better to focus on abundance rather than scarcity.

With our thoughts we can redefine our existence.

So how to go about it?


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How to manifest the law of attraction?

  • What are your goals ? What do you like in your life today? What do you like a little less? It's easy to know what you don't want, a little less easy to know exactly what you want. To untangle the ball, become more attentive to your feelings which say a lot about your expectations
  • The law of attraction does not mean being naively happy 24 hours a day. No, it is more about consciously identifying negative thoughts that are lurking and how to rephrase them in a more positive way. Instead of saying “I can’t do anything,” say “I’m doing my best.”
  • To manifest the law of attraction, focus positively on what you desire, for example "I am more serene every day", "my projects are moving in the right direction", "I am capable of achieving what I undertake.”
  • And finally, don’t forget to say THANK YOU! Express your gratitude every day to spread your positive vibes, which, like giant nets, will gradually bring new positive things into your life. You can start with very simple things like a good night's sleep, a good meal, a pleasant time with friends. Beyond helping you attract positive things into your life, this attitude is good training for remaining optimistic.

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How can we maintain our gratitude?

Suffice to say that even for people with the most optimistic and positive character, maintaining gratitude is not really a reflex.

So how can we get into the habit of saying thank you in a way that enriches us every day?

Several tools exist for this:

  • The gratitude journal: write down in a notebook at the end of each day 3 things that you appreciated during the day. By doing this exercise, your gratitude reflex will become more and more muscular, until it becomes a habit.
  • The pivot process: to positively address the many frustrations of the day, there is nothing like adopting the pivot process. This is quite simple in itself because it “is enough” to deliberately change your mindset during a negative situation and focus your attention on what you would have liked to experience instead.
  • The more the less: in your current life, there are some good things and others not so good. Start by focusing on the top of the basket, the “most of the most”. Then identify the more from the less and keep your attention on it instead of focusing on the less from the less. Without burying your head in the sand and ignoring the problems that need to be resolved, consciously choose what you focus your attention on.

Why is the law of attraction so powerful?

The law of attraction allows you to change your point of view, for a simply happier and more peaceful life. By becoming a little more in control of your thoughts each day, you regain power over your life.

Dangers become obstacles.

Distressing situations become lessons.

And in turn, your brain will reprogram itself to produce more and more positive thoughts, strengthening your self-esteem and self-confidence.

Can I attract anything with the law of attraction?

In absolute terms, yes, but in reality, not really.

The law of attraction allows you to immerse yourself in a positive state of mind, courage and combativeness.

But without action on your part, it's difficult to manifest what you aspire to.

To achieve a goal, it is not enough to dream it, you must act!

The law of attraction is therefore only the beginning of the journey, which will then be done in a good mood.

To get the moon, it's up to you to play and put an action plan in place!


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The pitfalls of the law of attraction

Be careful not to want to mask your sadness, your discomfort, your anxieties with mountains of positive injunctions. You are just burying a problem that is likely to continue to grow unchecked.

The law of attraction does not dictate being positive all the time.

If something goes wrong, take care of it as a priority.

To put the law of attraction into practice, be sure to phrase your expectations in a positive form (I feel relaxed instead of I don't want to be stressed anymore). More than a grammatical detail, this way of expressing yourself once again allows you to reinforce a positive attitude. If you say “I don’t want to be stressed anymore”, your brain doesn’t know the difference and only remembers “stressed”.

Also avoid: feverish repetitions of positive affirmations in a pattern of beliefs and superstitions. Imbued with a bad emotional charge, your affirmations will only result in the repetition of what you precisely want to avoid.

Your goals must be sincere and aligned with your values. Make sure you believe deeply in your intentions, unequivocally.

Once determined, your objectives should not be subject to fixation. Let go of the outcome and stay anchored in the present, the only moment to make your dreams come true. If your goals are focused on eliminating a lack, situation or relationship that you want to get rid of.

What you can do, however, without moderation, is allow yourself to feel the effects of the result, as if it were already there.

Your thoughts have more power than you realize. They participate in the creation of your interior climate and attract situations related to their content. Choose them with the greatest care!

And you, are you ready to raise your vibrational frequency to attract even more beautiful things into your life? Have you ever manifested the law of attraction?

Discover the personal development exercise proposed for the month of August: Meditative walking an antidote to ruminations!

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