13 Marques de Pyjamas Écoresponsables pour Femme

13 Ecofriendly Pajamas and Sleepwear Brands for Women

Have you decided to change your consumption pattern and have a new look at your wardrobe?

Are you looking for your next lovely, ultra-cozy AND eco-friendly pajamas?

We have pre-done the tedious research work for you in this comparison of 13 brands of eco-responsible women's pajamas.

And yes, because Géopélie has grown and will soon offer women's pajamas made in France made from recycled materials in prints, each more sparkling than the last.

So, which brand will you choose?

1. Géopélie

It’s our brand with sparkling prints! And as you probably already know, we have pushed the eco-design slider to the limit with recycled fibers and manufacturing made in France.

The very first pajamas collection will be launched on Ulule in spring 2024. To not miss the launch and to benefit from attractive early bird launch prices, there is only one thing to do: subscribe to our newsletter!

Style: plain tank top + printed shorts sets or the total printed pants + kimono look

Price range: from 49€ to 89€

Materials: cotton and recycled polyester

Manufacturing: 100% France


Eco-responsible women's pajamas Nêge Paris

2. Nêge Paris

The young pajamas brand created in 2020 by two friends Anne-Sophie and Aliénor, which stands out for its pretty hand-painted prints.

Style: Shirt + pants or tank top + shorts sets in viscose printed in vibrant tones. Also to wear during the day!

Price range: €52 - €100

Materials: certified Tencel™ Lyocell viscose,

Manufactured: in Portugal


pajamas I don't know what Louise Aubery

3. Je ne sais quoi

The brand created by influencer Louise Aubery, feminist activist!

Style: Sober and elegant plain green or burgundy shirt + pants sets with cream piping.

Price range: €50 - €75

Materials: 80% (micro) recycled lyocell, 20% elastane

Manufacturing: Fabric of Italian origin, made in France, Tunisia and Portugal


eco-responsible women's pajamas tits

4. Nénés Paris

The lingerie and swimwear brand created by Margot in 2018.

Style: Pretty color block sets in soft colors: almond green, terracotta, cream. Quite a lot of cotton gauze, linen and mesh.

Price range: count 100€ for a set

Materials: upcycled double cotton gauze, organic cotton

Manufacturing: Fabric originating from Italy, Spain, Portugal or France and made in Portugal

eco-responsible women's pajamas we are pretty

5. We are jolies

The pretty committed and inclusive lingerie brand, created by Florie and Prune in 2018.

Style: girly prints, loose cuts for very casual pajamas

Price range: €49 for a t-shirt and shorts set, decreasing prices when you buy the 2nd pajamas

Materials: organic cotton and elastane

Manufactured: Portugal

Vosges linen women's pajamas

6. Vosges lin

A historic house of household linen created in 1923, Lin Vosges perpetuates the tradition of beautiful French linen, with, among other things, a collection of pajamas.

Style: classic t-shirt + pajamas or shirt + pajamas sets in pastel tones, stripes and some floral prints.

Price range: €75 - €89

Materials: cotton, viscose, elastane

Manufacturing: 85% of manufacturing is carried out in France, Italy and Portugal

hestia women's pajamas

7. Hestia

The brand inscribes the name of the goddess of the hearth in Greek mythology to make it its standard of benevolence and elegance.

Style: romantic shorts + tank top and pants + shirt sets with delicate floral prints

Price range: 40€ – 65€

Materials: GOTS certified organic cotton

Manufactured: Portugal

eco-responsible women's pajamas maison flora

8. Maison Flora

The lingerie of all the supports to make the purchase of lingerie positive! Nantes and committed brand.

Style: sleek and timeless pajamas, created for comfort

Price range: €80-€90

Materials: viscose satin

Manufactured: France, in Epernay, Troyes, Chauvigny and Clisson

women's pajamas with poie and co flowers

9. Pea flowers and co.

This is the lingerie brand that has been offering 100% French manufacturing since 2014, without underwire or boning, for all women and men from the thinnest to the widest. Made to order.

Style: lots of liberty style floral prints available in pants, shirts and nighties

Price range: count 195€ for a set

Materials: 100% organic cotton

Manufactured: France

pajamas-tank-top-and-short-underpants-natural woman lemahieu

10. Lemahieu

A historic manufacturer and trader, Lemahieu has offered a wide choice of clothing since 1947 and perpetuates the tradition of Made in France, long before it was fashionable.

Style: Comfortable knit plain t-shirt + pants sets

Price range: between €50 and €98 for a set

Materials: organic cotton jersey knit

Manufactured: France

women's pajamas French briefs

10. Le slip français

The impact company that campaigns for more local textile production, founded in 2011 and which continues to make waves!

Style: T-shirt + pants sets and sober and elegant nighties in knit or chain and weave

Price range: €55 - €95

Materials: lyocell, cotton

Manufactured: France

women's pajamas laurence tavernier

12. Laurence Tavernier

The brand created by a former Christian Dior stylist and which breathed a breath of fresh air when it was launched in 1987: no more frilly pajamas, hello men's pajamas adapted to women's bodies.

Style: Timeless and classic pants + shirt sets for a wardrobe that never goes out of style.

Price range: allow €189 for a shirt + pants set, €550 for silk sets

Materials: cotton, silk, viscose

Manufacturing: Portugal, Tunisia


ysé women's pajamas

13. Ysé

The lingerie brand, founded by Clara Blockmann in the service of women's freedom! Only part of the collection is eco-responsible, the brand measures its progress in eco-responsibility year after year.

Style: resolutely modern, Yse pieces are dreamy.

Price range: €85 for pants, €70 for a shirt

Materials: cotton, tencel, viscose

Manufacturing: fabric: Turkey, confection: Bulgaria



Do you know a brand of women's pajamas that are eco-responsible or made in France?


Or better yet both?


But it's not on this list?


Share your findings with us in the comments, we will add them to this list to promote eco-responsible, ethical and sustainable fashion!

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