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Geography of Our Supply Chain

Are Géopélie brand products made in France?

We answer this question with a big YES, and we are proud to carry out more than 75% of the manufacturing stages in France. We explain here why we chose to have it manufactured in France.

But actually, what does made in France mean ? We have dedicated a short and simple article to explain the concept to you!

The only two exceptions are the purchase of raw materials (thread) and recycled foam shells for our bras.

For what ?

With the decline of the textile sector in France since the explosion of globalization in the 1990s, polyester spinning mills have closed their doors one after the other.

The last to have filed for bankruptcy was the Setila company based in Valence in Drôme in 2009.

The same goes for corsetry items.

Faced with this situation, we opted for the “second best choice”: 100% recycled yarns from neighboring countries, in particular Spain and Italy and 60% recycled foam shells, manufactured a a little further in Tunisia.

As for our ecosmart elastane, it comes from a factory in Germany established there by a Japanese supplier of technical textile fibers.

A picture is worth a thousand words, we have detailed all the stages of manufacturing our clothes on the map below.

our manufacturing stages in France


Sorry Stéphanois, we placed St-Etienne in Bordeaux due to lack of space!

Made in France is only one facet of our eco-design approach , which we wanted to be as successful as possible with what is possible today.

To simply and quickly understand the environmental impact of the textile industry and how to reduce our carbon footprint linked to our consumption of textile products, we have created this great infographic!

Discover here our eco-responsible yoga outfits made in France from recycled materials!

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