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A Greener Christmas

Despite all the good will in the world, the intensity of the weeks leading up to Christmas sometimes pushes us to buy gifts that completely contradict our values.

And yet, the desire to both please our loved ones while respecting the planet is there!

I lived in Vancouver in Canada for 3 years and every Christmas, I returned to France for the end-of-year holidays.

Needless to say, I had informed my loved ones that it would not be possible for me to bring back in my suitcases the recipe books the size of a dictionary, the board game and all its extensions or the XXL bottles of products of beauty.

Without having to take extra baggage.

The solution: offer experiences rather than materials!

In the meantime, I returned to France but I was careful not to change my good habits.

The material accumulation disaster is more or less under control.

For Christmas, I myself have gotten into the habit of offering experiences rather than materials unless I know that the person has a very particular need, in which case I see if I can find the object in question (in good state) on Le Bon Coin.

Or if I find a cool project or a new brand that I want to support.

In this post, I share with you all my gift ideas for a greener Christmas!

1. Experiments

Offering experiences, what a great idea!

Especially since it's a gift that people don't give themselves spontaneously, your gift will be even more enjoyable.

Here is a small list of “experience gift” ideas that will leave great memories (instead of piling up in the back of a cupboard).

  • A voucher for a restaurant
  • A voucher for a getaway, hotel and restaurant
  • A class: sewing, music, makeup, calligraphy, aromatherapy, massage, gardening, dance, yoga
  • A boat ride, hot air balloon ride, bike ride
  • A subscription to an application: newspapers, music, photos, etc.
  • An escape game
  • A cinema subscription, at the swimming pool
  • A voucher for a massage or treatment


2. Consumables

Another type of gift I like to give are consumables. But not just any ones.

These are those little things that we eat/drink every day but don't buy the best version for everyday life.

For the holidays, we could move into the slightly more refined category, don't you think?

These gifts have the good taste of being super useful and not cluttering up the cupboards for very long!

Here are some ideas:

  • Tea from a specialist.
  • Gourmet olive oil for summer mozzarella salads
  • Chocolate from a master
  • Desirable coffee
  • Rare and fragrant spices
  • Wine, unusual spirits
  • Essential oils, Bach flowers or CBD

Here are some brands recently discovered through Ulule or Etsy:

Nourea , chicory made in France

knotted chicory

Ouliva , gourmet olive oil made in France

ouliva olive oil

Mindology , CBD oils to reduce stress

mindology cbd oil

Papa Outang , delicious spread without palm oil

papa outang spread

A ball of wool , the very cute cuddly toys made in France

cuddly toys made in France


For green packaging, think about furoshiki, these fabric wrappers of Japanese origin which allow us to rewrap our gifts indefinitely, Christmas after Christmas. Or keep all the papers you receive during the year (kraft paper from the florist, magazine or newspaper pages, envelopes, etc.)

vadelma creations

    3. Made in France

    A green gift can also be an object purchased from a brand made in France. I love the idea of ​​supporting young brands while pleasing those close to me.

    Here are some of my favorite brands made in France, by category:


    Ready to wear

    Ankore : Sweatshirts and t-shirts made from a knit made of recycled polyester from plastic recovered from the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and organic cotton. The manufacturing is made in France.



    Louison petticoats : customizable and adjustable wardrobe, made in France

    louison's petticoats


    Featured workshop : women's wardrobe, made in France

    workshop some


    Rézine : women’s clothing made in France



    Ecclo : fashion for women and men made in France in recycled fabrics

    Roseanna : pragmatic and distinguished ready-to-wear made in France made in Paris
    Cocorico : women's and men's wardrobe basics at reduced prices
    cock-a-doodle Doo
    Justine B : organic and ethical French fashion, cotton and linen creations made in the Parisian workshop
    justine b
    Laure Derrey : customizable ethical fashion , the pieces in the collection are customizable (style, morphology completely tailor-made) and made in the Parisian workshop
    laure derrey
    Calipige : swimwear and women's ready-to-wear made in France
    L'Atelier 5 : a brand that offers tailor-made suits, jackets, blazers, coats, pants, shirts and vests for men and women. The fabrics come exclusively from European spinning mills.
    workshop 5
    La Ferme du Mohair : founded 30 years ago in La Bastide de Sérou in the Ariège Pyrenees, with around ten angora goats brought back from Canada by Jean-Luc CHARPIGNON, this brand offers superb sweaters and cardigans knitted in Portugal (small sprain here, because the products are so beautiful!).
    the mohair farm
    Marianette : recycled, organic or natural materials and clothing made in France in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpe region, in Brittany, in St Etienne and in Hauts de France.
    M Jeanne : linen pieces labeled Masters of Linen made in France and created in Montpellier, the brand is committed to an ethical and eco-responsible approach. M. JEANNE is the marriage of a chic and feminine style and the ambition to have a positive impact on the environment.
    m jane

    Marianne by Marie Jordane : all models are made in Paris from design to manufacturing. The brand only uses natural or GOTS certified organic materials, or those from upcycling. Two friends, Marianne and Julie, are at the helm of the brand!

    marianne by marie jordane

    Maison Cala : Quality is essential at Maison Cala. Everything is handmade in the North Isère workshop, from pattern making to packaging and manufacturing. Camille gives new life to fabrics and clothing found, selected, cleaned, reworked. Its collections favor unique or very small series, and it responds quickly to personalized orders.

    cala house


    Missègle: For almost 40 years, the Missegle workshop has been working on its know-how in Burlats in Tarn and offering pretty sweaters, socks and scarves in natural materials, knitted in France.

    missègle sweater made in france


    Palm : Clothing made from organic, recycled or environmentally friendly fabrics; manufactured in France or in the European Union according to the know-how mobilized in order to guarantee good working conditions and above all, a minimal carbon footprint.

    palm paris


    Les Hirondelles : The brand that is committed to ensuring that fashion only lasts one spring. In 3 years, Les Hirondelles have made more than 4,300 garments, which saved nearly 6,000 meters of fabric. Les Hirondelles uses scraps from a roll of fabric. French manufacturing, made from Grenoble to Capbreton via Riorges. From the supply of raw materials to manufacturing, including design and logistics… the entire eco-system is concentrated less than 800 km from Annecy and we always take the greenest route.

    the swallows


    Carrousel : Clothes designed and developed in a workshop in Annecy, and manufactured in limited series in workshops in the Rhône-Alpes region. The brand's style is urban, graphic, chic, to accompany the modern young woman who likes to undertake and move around town with fluidity.




    Aglaia : a jewelry brand made in France with a real commitment to the environment such as the use of 75% recycled silver today, with the objective of reaching 100% by the end of 2021, the use of ethical stones (6 by the end of 2021).



    Lightning neck : Scarves entirely made in France to snuggle up in a soft material, healthy for the body and the environment!

    lightning neck scarf


    Forest blue : Socks and tights for men and women made in France in the Vosges.

    forest blue


    Labonal : Another brand of socks for men, women and children made in France since 1924 in Alsace in Dambach la Ville.

    labonal socks



    Royalties Paris : Socks made in France for men, women and children made south of Limoges.

    royalties paris socks


    The PERRIN Manufacture : It is the last family-owned manufacturer of socks and tights to produce 100% of its creations in France. 4th generation in Montceau-les-Mines in Saône-et-Loire. The company was awarded the “Living Heritage Company” label in August 2014.

    perrin socks


    Shandor : Scarves, cushions and hair accessories in 100% silk printed with ecological ink and made in France. “Arty” style!



    Entrenoue : Turbans for women and children created by Fanny. Handcrafted in France.

    turban tie for hair made in France


    Ylle : Hair accessories, scarves, headbands, jewelry, hats made from recycled fibers in France.

    ylle brand of hats and scarves made in France


    Cage Créations : original headbands and accessories made in Montpellier by Camille Gastesoleil.

    cage creation hair accessories made in France


    Stamp : Recycled socks and tights for men and women

    recycled socks stamp made in France


    Ozaelle : hair accessories and jewelry made with passion by artisans in France. Textile accessories are made with carefully selected ecological materials.

    ozaelle darling made in France



    Maud and Marjorie : Lingerie and swimwear, free and rock and roll made in France from noble materials (silk, lace, jacquard) or Italian lycra.

    maud and marjorie lingerie


    Occidente : French house of haute lingerie, well-being loungewear created from pure organic textiles, made in France in the Côte d'Azur and Provence.

    western lingerie


    Meila : Lingerie and underwear made near Poitiers, the workshop is labeled Living Heritage Company.

    meila lingerie


    Maline : Pretty underwear made in a tailoring workshop in Ain, from Italian fabrics.

    lingerie made in France Maline


    Ah nana cheeky : Ethical and authentic tailor-made underwear made in France in Ain!

    ah nana pantyhose lingerie made in france


    Cucul la praline : lingerie made in France from upcycled fabrics with heathered fabrics, recovered from the ends of rolls, forgotten fabrics or new GOTS certified or Oeko-Tex labeled fabrics.

    lingerie made in france cucul la praline


    Leather goods

    Lenocip : Handmade handbags and fashion accessories in Paris.

    lenocip leather goods made in paris


    Atelier verde : Bags and pouches made from tractor inner tubes!

    recycled inner tube bags Atelier Verde


    Dema creation : Fine vegetable leather goods, made by hand in France in New Aquitaine

    vegetable leather goods of my creation


    Jack of spades : leather saddle maker made in France , leather of French, Italian or Spanish origin

    jack of spades


    Camille Vegan Bags : Pretty bags made in a small family workshop located in the Paris region. The brand sources its materials from French weavers (for jacquards and linings) and, if this is not possible, favors European partners. The materials chosen are innovative and durable such as Piñatex and Apple Skin as well as synthetic fibers and Okeo-Tex certified jacquards.

    camille vegan bags



    Wabi-Sabi: candles with scents that take you on a journey, handmade in Bregagne from eco-responsible soy wax.

    wabi sabi candles


    Small porcelains: Justine makes her pieces by hand in an artisanal way. Every year in June, the collection changes. At the moment, the Hacienda collection is in the spotlight, mixing the warmth of Latin America and the colors of Morocco.

    small porcelain Hacienda collection
    Romane and Athénaïs: bouquets under a bell jar and candles scented with essential oils.
    Romanesque and Athenian

    Household linens

    Bihan : organic and supportive bed linen in cotton woven in France and made in a reintegration site in Seine-Saint-Denis.

    bihan linen


    Blanc des Vosges : Established in Gérardmer since 1843, Blanc des Vosges is a company family run from father to son by Jean-François Birac, representative of the 5th generation. The company is labeled Vosges Terre Textile, a label recognizing only products whose manufacturing stages are carried out more than 75% in the Vosges massif. Blanc des Vosges was awarded the Living Heritage Company label in 2011.

    Vosges white


    Hemp color: household linen and tableware made in France made from hemp.

    hemp color linen


    Kalos Paris : linen family linen, elegant, well-made pieces with a refined style, designed to last and be passed down. Love of linen, this noble material with discreet luxury, to accompany sweet family moments.

    kalos paris household linen
    Laurence Carroy: Each of the pieces is woven, dyed, embroidered and finally made within a 70 km radius around Lille. Master of Linen® OEKO TEX certification.
    laurence carroy

    Cosmetics & Well-being

    Slolie: natural and responsible care, made in France.


    Umaï : make the transition and wash your hair with solid shampoo.

    umai solid shampoo

    Krème Paris: healthy, organic & effective treatments, freshly formulated in France.

    exfoliating cream

    Do you have any other brands in mind that should be featured in this post?

    Share them with us in the comments 👇

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